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Kenneth Shinabery

Shinabery, Kenneth

Quick hello to those on the Design Forum (from Düsseldorf!)

I thought I would say hello quickly to those in the Design Forum. I am currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This spring I moved to Europe from New York City, and I have to say I am quite excited to be here.

If you are a creative in Europe feel free to connect with me either on Dasauge or on ( ).


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Creative Modern Canvas Art for Home Decoration

Creative Modern Canvas Art for Home Decoration

Unlike standard artworkn in home Decoration, canvas prints are not printed onto paper and as the name obviously implies, they are prints on canvas. The canvas is then stretched around a hard wooden frame to provide a stunning effect with no visible frame.

Just why is it that big brand named companies are now choosing canvas prints over traditional art?

One of the main reasoning for this transition is that canvas art provides such a stunning effect. A well…

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unique 3D graphics

Let me introduce you a new and very ambitious project: a website

3D graphics making, 3D animation, package design, mock-up creation, POS-materials, clipart, naming.
Online ordering is possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email address hidden].

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New site for creative people:


A new site for photographers, musicians, authors/writers, film makers and alike has been launched, which enables creative people to showcase, promote and sell their digital works to a worldwide audience.

Have a look at


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Hello to EVERYONE.

Hi, I m new to this forum, my name is Jeff and i m working as a graphic designer,
i love to browse and talk about designer as it is worthwhile and i have seen this
forum very useful for learning aspects. Looking to meet new friends to gain some
more knowledge about my field.

| 3 postings is a leading job search website where the user can browse our list of employment opportunities to find the job they are looking for. The main focus of is on creating a marketplace where job seekers and employers can interact and make the recruitment process easier, less time consuming and less cost-involved.

Jobseeker: will give you free web address to display and get more visibility to your resume. Register now and know latest vacancies advertised…

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Armitage and Elliott

Armitage and Elliott

Stunning Coffee Tables


We are 40 year veterans of the carpentry industry and have developed a new coffee table range that surpasses many quality standards that you may find in a typical high street store.

Based in Ossett – West Yorkshire, we have been producing high quality goods to the trade for the past 40 years. Specialising in products such as Reception Desks, Hardwood Partitions, Staircases and Doors they have now developed their own bespoke furniture range, starting with a group of high quality Lamp and Coffee Tables…

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BoNE (Best of New England) Show

Once every two years, artists and designers from across the New England area are invited to participate in an art/design competition. The BoNE (Best of New England) Show seeks to recognize and celebrate the creativity and outstanding design work of members within the design community. Artists and designers are encouraged to submit their work for participation in the following categories: print publications, stationary systems, logotypes, corporate identity systems, packaging, typeface, websites and student…

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New Royalty Free Stock Image Site:

Hi you creative designers!

Do you already know the new Royalty Free Image Stock Agency “agodia Images”?

Starting in the UK agodia offers high res stock images with a simple pricing model: £4.99, £9.99 or £14.99 regardless of size, no. of copies, medium or purpose.

Take a look at


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zx-printing company

On Cost Reduction in Pre-printing Design – booklet printing

On Cost Reduction in Pre-printing Design

How to cut cost is a common concern of all presswork operators who shall be proficient in the knowledge of plate-making and printing technology, printing cost standard, paper specification and function, and production capacity of printing house. In order to reduce cost, they shall rationally arrange the selection of technologies and paper materials according to the capacity of printing house during practical printing work.

Every book needs an overall design made…

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Denook – Creative Marketplace for Design Contests

Denook is a creative marketplace for designers to connect with clients through a crowdsourcing system of design contests and cash prizes. There are thousands of clients around the world where they like to see more than one idea applied to their presence. Wouldn’t you like to set your project in the hands of talented of designers with great ideas?

Check it out:

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M., Sandra

D-Signcoup | New Design Community

Take a look at D-Signcoup.
The new community and free platform for designers. Get connected.

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Lola-Mae Online Archive


Just a little post to let everyone know about the UK based online design blog.

A brief overview:

Lola-Mae is an online, UK based design archive. Showcasing new talent and new releases in 2D design, typography, ceramics, gadgets and loads more. It mainly follows designers in the UK but also features worldwide artists that ship internationally at affordable prices.

It’s always a difficult task to kick start a blog because there’s not many ways to get the word out there.

Anyway, head over, bookmark…

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Get your thinkers around this then.

Where does design end?

Where does a design solution start and where does it stop?

Does a designer’s goal and solution end the design process?

Designs are constantly renewed, redesigned, restored, altered for better or worse, so does the design process ever stop or is it a continuous cycle, passing from one designer to another?

I’m a student at Northumbria University in Newcastle studying Multimedia Design and am writing a dissertation on this subject and related questions.

I would love to hear fellow…

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