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Once every two years, artists and designers from across the New England area are invited to participate in an art/design competition. The BoNE (Best of New England) Show seeks to recognize and celebrate the creativity and outstanding design work of members within the design community. Artists and designers are encouraged to submit their work for participation in the following categories: print publications, stationary systems, logotypes, corporate identity systems, packaging, typeface, websites and student work.

For information on how to enter, submitting entries, restrictions, and regulations, please visit All submissions must be received by February 12, 2009 or no later than February 19, 2009 (for an additional late fee of $25).

Mail all entries to:
Street Attack, Attn: Kristin Groener
71 Summer Street, Floor 6
Boston, MA 02110




The AIGA Best of New England (BoNE) Show is a biennial design competition and celebration of New England design. Winners of this prestigious, nationally recognized competition have their work published in print and online, and displayed in a traveling exhibition.

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