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Mohamed Lamine Aimouche

Aimouche, Mohamed Lamine


hello my name is lamine, i’m 27 years old,graphic designer,from algiers ( ALGERIA ) right now i work as freelancer and i started recently to work with a british company, but its the first time i am gonna work with them and i’ve to say that the way of working is completly diffrent than here in algiers, so i’m little abit lost with the procedure, well the sent me some kind of contract in which we will use for each project, so do you mind to help me alittle abit with some advisesn concerning the price rate usually used by graphic designer in the uk,and if possible i can send you a copy of the contract and you explain me how i’ll use it if you dont mind of course.

best regards,


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skype : sky_life1982




How many years of experience of have?

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