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Who makes Kaabo scooter?

Its pedigree is one part motocross racer, one part electric scooter, one part mountain bike. The structural components are all made by Kaabo, while the powerplant, brains, and electronics are all made by MiniMotors.

Niall Gahagan

Gahagan, Niall

Infographic designer for hire


I’m a freelance infographics designer living in Berlin looking to take on some fresh projects. Have a look at my work and get in touch!


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Mani, Eza

Children’s book illustration

You wrote your own children’s book and need an artist who does the illustrations?
Check out my style on my blog:

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Xeloba GmbH sucht einen Berater Print & Medien im Aussendienst (m/w) in Bern, Switzerland

Ihr Verantwortungsbereich:
In dieser herausfordernden Position betreuen
Sie Ihre Bestandeskunden nachhaltig und erreichen eine kontinuierliche sowie
langfristige Weiterentwicklung. Durch Ihr Engagement sowie vorhandenes Beziehungsnetz bauen Sie den Kundenstamm konsequent aus. Sie sind für Ihre
Partner die erste Ansprechperson für alle medialen Fragen. Mit Sachverstand
beraten Sie sowohl kompetent als auch umfassend und erstellen selbstständig
Konzepte sowie Angebote. Für einen reibungslosen Projektablauf…

Making & Make-Believe School of Machines

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe Art/Tech Education

The hands-on art and technology summer school-- the international Berlin School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe—is now accepting applications. Only three more weeks to apply… PLEASE spread the word!


Freelance Photographers wanted.

Newsight is a photographic agency based in the UK.

Working alongside a team of professional photojournalists, our aim is to provide up to the minute images capable of telling any news story—any time, any place, anywhere.

We’d like to hear from any freelance photographers, journalists or camera operators who’d be interested in contributing to our growing portfolio, so if you’d like more information about how to get involved, please get in touch.


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Looking for an infographics designer—for new kind of political flyer for EP elections 2014

We are looking for a graphic designer to create a new type of political flyer for the european parliamentary elections 2014. we hope with our idea we can reach people who are usually turned down by economics complexities:

together with a team from attac we are trying to turn the current financial crisis with its economic processes and political reactions into an overview chart—based on icons for each step of the processes: relating them, clarifying them.
In april we want to distribute a DIN A4 flyer on…

Distrelec sucht für Graphic Designer in der Schweiz! Bitte bewerben Sie sich jetzt!

Your mission:
The Graphic Designer will take full ownership of the company’s off- and online publications and design activities as well as of proper implementation of the CI/CD guidelines across countries. You run the photography and video for all marketing channels including the in-house state-of-the-art photography and video production studio. You are in charge of the entire publication process from initial idea, conception through implementation, production and follow-up. You assume the responsibility…

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Silk Road Game

Silk Road Game

Game-making group looking for projects and cooperation

Hi,this is Cindy from Silkroad Game group which is located at Shenzhen,China.

Silk Road Game is a game-making business group,founded by Silk Road Digital Technology Co.Ltd,a well-known CG company in China.Combining expertise and local talents,who had been worked for leading companies,such as EA,Sony and Eidos in the specific area of game industry.Sufficient materials and professional support are provided to insure all clients’ project will be completed effecienty.Furthermore,we design and create…

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Thomas Dellapenna

Dellapenna, Thomas

Theatre, Film and Television Work in Munich?

Hello, I am a Scenic Artist and Set Painter. Has anyone had any luck breaking in to the Scenic Artist industry in Munich? Also I am curious to know if there is a large Corporate Production/Event Production Industry in Munich? I am a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Motion Picture Studio Mechanics Union. I have 20 years experience as an Artist, Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Theatrical Carpenter, and as an Illustrator in Advertising. If anyone knows of any Creative Jobs…

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Gennadiy Patsuk

Patsuk, Gennadiy

I offer my services as a freelancer.

I’m new on this site.
I offer my services as a freelancer.

Graphics Designers
Logo Experts
Web Designers
Copy Writers
Print Designers
Flash Designers
Presentation Makers

All I wish good luck!

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ESDIP Berlin

ESDIP Berlin

PORTFOLIO: How to present yourself

Hey there! We are preparing an interesting workshops for designers.
A good portfolio is ESSENTIAL. We will show you some tips and tricks to have a successful portfolio.
2 days in November.

All infos here:


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