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The publication Marginalia draws our attention to the overlooked elements that coexist in carefully designed books. Removing the text and images from a selection of art books designed by Anja Lutz in close collaboration with the individual artists reveals the nondescript details: the margins, the edges, the backgrounds, the spaces between the lines … Each book is unique in its choice of format, material, layout, composition, and rhythm. The selected pages underwent a process of transformation in… learn more

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This year’s Werkschau of graduates in Communication Design at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden, Germany, is entitled Walkshow and will still take place until the 4th of March. Since it was not possible to hold their exhibition within a closed venue, due to the corona crisis, the current Werkschau is being presented in a completely new format. Several institutions and businesses have provided the graduates with their shop windows for presentation. The 26 projects of the… learn more

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Zum Licht

In 2018, Prof. Felix Müller and the Berlin-based light artist Nils-R. Schultze won the Light-Art-Competition BTHVN 2020 in honor of the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven, with their light installation series ZUM LICHT. The task was, to tie in with the musical work of Beethoven and to establish a connection to his birthplace Bonn. A transformation, though not to the extent that the city has changed since Beethoven’s work, is the goal. The urban spaces are to be experienced in a new way, and new… learn more

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The publication Zweitakt  is now available at  Slanted Shop. Thirty years after the German reunification, the name Simson is immediately associated with the legendary two-wheelers which today have acquired an iconic status even in the West of Germany. The cult surrounding the many different versions of the Simson moped, produced at the Suhl factory, appears to grow steadily. This product of the GDR attracts increasing fascination the more time goes by since the eclipse of the regime. Simson clubs… learn more

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CoFo Cinema 1909

The typeface CoFo Cinema 1909, an old-fashioned elegance and reinterpreted classic, was specially designed for the identity of the Khudozhestvenny Cinema, one of Moscow’s historical landmark attractions. The restoration of the Khudozhestvenny Cinema—one of the main symbols of the capital of Russia with more than a century of history—has been completed in Moscow. Using the original drawings of Fyodor Schechtel and photographs that have been preserved in the archives, the restorers managed to recreate… learn more

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The publication Cartographies originated from a series of photos with the same name by Italian photographer Louis De Belle that portrays details of the clothes of passers-by glimpsed along the streets of Manhattan. Folds, stains, or little traces of clothing thus constitute impressions of everyday life, potential cartographies of everyoneʼs journeys. The book, devised in a newspaper format, is made up of twenty unstitched sheets held together with an elastic band, alternating original photographs… learn more

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typo/graphic posters

typo/graphic posters focuses exclusively on typographical and graphical posters, those that challenge type, colors, and shapes to express a message. Each poster is reviewed to meet a standard in visual qualities and functional efforts. Created in 2008, typo/graphic posters is developed and curated by André Felipe. Currently the site features 6,500+ posters in its archive, from 42 different countries, and created by 287 authors, that can be explored through an enhanced search with colors, tags, and… learn more

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Büro Destruct 4

The new book Büro Destruct 4 not only presents the best of realized projects of the past twelve years, but also intermediate steps, discards, experiments, and inspiration of the Bern-based and internationally renowned design studio Büro Destruct. The Swiss, who see themselves and their studio as a kind of band, again present a skillfully composed album with this new book. In contrast to the strict and somewhat restrained Swiss Style of the 1960s, Büro Destruct stands for design without the handbrake… learn more

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Hometown Journal

The Hometown Journal is about who we are—as creatives, as humans, as citizens. It’s where we come from and where we want to be going. Hometown  investigates the work of passionate creators all over the globe, as a reflection of today’s constantly evolving zeitgeist. By digging deep into the complex dynamics of modern-day systems and their functions, they hope to reach the core of each topic, and collectively discover new possibilities for change. Rooted in film, Hometown as a Duo has always been… learn more

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Wzory Lublina

The project Wzory Lublina by Polish graphic designer Tomasz Smutek is a collection of patterns inspired by details of the city of Lublin. The patterns were inspired by interesting architectural details, graffiti, characteristic arrangement of windows or columns, well-known buildings, floors, architecture of v-shaped supports, store signs, facade decorations, roof shapes, benches, and sculptures. The photographs feature such buildings as the Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, the Maria Curie… learn more

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The Shipping Container

The Shipping Container is an infographic website on the topic of containerization. The website layout is focused on creating a storytelling narrative based on a flowchart. The process of containerization is one of the main driving forces of globalization and international trade as we know them today. With the introduction of a uniformed and normed system of container transportation a century old problem for shipping had been solved and the basic condition for large-scaled world trade was initiated… learn more

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Hans Hillmann Archive

On the occasion of Hans Hillmann’s (1925–2014) 95th birthday the idea of a Hans Hillmann Online Archive was born, which makes all of the graphic designers works accessible—from early drawings from his studies to his last works. Together with Marlies Rosa-Hillmann, the designer’s widow, new scans of objects from the estate were made. Hans Hillmann was one of the most important German graphic designers of the postwar period. The high quality and novelty of his work made him famous beyond the borders of… learn more

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SAW (audio visual-station) is an Interactive lighting installation (neon), which reacts dynamically to the intensity of   sound (noise), located in  downtown Katowice, Poland, situated on one of the advertising poles. The installation is a kind of   membrane that resonates with the environment.   The SAW neon sign fades in response to noise.  The arresting and   stark nature of this installation encourages silence while simultaneously provoking increased   consciousness and  … learn more

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The 41st Annual of the Type Directors Club

The publication The 41st Annual of the Type Directors Club is now available at  Slanted Shop. This beautiful 384-page book, designed by Anagrama in Mexico, features over 500 full-color images of international graphic design and type design in a wide range of categories, including books, magazines, corporate identities, logos, stationery, annual reports, video, web graphics, and posters. The Type Directors Club of New York reinvents itself. The TDC book as a classic remains! Excellent typography… learn more

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All Eyes On

The German Design Council has developed a rich digital program called All Eyes On  for the presentation of the German Design Awards 2021 winners and exciting topics related to design. The highlights of the German Design Awards 2021 will be presented in a digital format from February 12th–March 12th, 2021. In addition to the presentation of the gold winners in the respective award disciplines, the Newcomer of the Year award will also be announced. This year’s Personality of the Year  is Paola… learn more

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