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Beyond Tellerrand Berlin—Recap

beyond tellerrand is an affordable, single-track event that brings together creativity and technology. Held in Düsseldorf, Berlin, and Munich, each gathering attracts over 500 attendees, fostering a well-known, welcoming atmosphere. The expression „beyond tellerrand“ is a mix of the English word „beyond“ and the German phrase „Über den Tellerrand schauen,“ which means „Think outside the box.“ As usual, the speakers gave very inspiring talks on a diverse range of topics at this year’s event in Berlin. Emily learn more

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Give Me All Your Money and I’ll Make Some Origami

The study of graphic design is currently moving in an area of tension: on the one hand, critically thinking individuals are to be formed there, who on the other hand are to quickly gain a foothold in a market that demands less criticism from them, but affirmation instead. Can these two aspects of training and education be harmonized? Is a freer kind of education possible at design universities that deals differently with the boundaries of individual disciplines and regularities in curricula? This reader is learn more

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Some Magazine #17—Look

For over one hundred years, we humans of the post-postmodern times have turned ourselves into outstanding visual athletes. We made visuality our superpower. Now we are about to change the rules of the game right in the middle of it. Will all this result in some new weird kind of blindness? With contributions by Blatant Space, Catelijne van Middelkoop, David Horvitz, Eleonora Marton, Melody „LeMoon“ Bossan and Rob Lowe. This issue of Some Magazine is dedicated to the skill, the craft and the pure joy of look learn more

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Tÿpo St. Gallen—Recap

The three-day typography symposium Tÿpo St. Gallen 2023 took place for the 7th time at GBS St. Gallen, focusing on the conference theme What nobody talks about. From November 10th to 12th, 2023, distinguished speakers gave an insight into their day-to-day work and talked about everything we don’t usually talk about. In lectures, we learned about fails and fuck-ups, criticism and shitstorms, doubts, money, and also got the chance to get creative in workshops.   The Tÿpo St. Gallen program this year offered a learn more

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Mid-Century Type

Mid-Century Type offers a captivating visual exploration into how, during the middle decades of the previous century, typographers emerged as independent and influential contributors to a rapidly evolving technological landscape of communication. In the aftermath of the Second World War, designers gained recognition for their pivotal role in rebuilding economies, infrastructure, and public morale. Despite this acknowledgment, typography remained a largely unacknowledged profession. This perception underwent learn more

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High Noon #72 Special with Ruben Pater

High Noon #72 Special with Ruben Pater will take place on November 23rd, 2023, at the Faculty of Design in Darmstadt. At 7 p.m. you are invited to meet up in the auditorium! Ruben Pater (1977, NL) works between journalism and graphic design. Under the name of Untold Stories he creates visual narratives that support solidarity, justice, and equality. He is a designer at a moment in time, when more design is about the last thing the world needs. In search for ethical alternatives he designs, writes, and teach learn more

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Every vote counts

To mark the 34th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the BERLINER ZEITUNG is launching a campaign to draw attention to its OPEN SOURCE platform, which anyone interested can use to submit texts. Berlin-based designer Raban Ruddigkeit has created the motifs for the campaign with the help of artificial intelligence. They show some of the peaceful revolutionaries of the last century with shocked facial features: Mahatma Gandhi, Václav Havel, Bärbel Bohley, Martin Luther King, Jitzchak Rabin and Lech Wał learn more

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Internship at Slanted Publishers—apply now!

Du liebst Typografie und Editorial Design und möchtest in einem internationalen Verlag arbeiten? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Wir vergeben ein 6-monatiges Praktikum im Bereich Redaktion/Grafik ab Ende Februar 2024 und suchen eine(n) engagierte(n) Studierende(n), der/die Lust hat zu erfahren, wie wir arbeiten und für 6 Monate Teil des Slanted-Teams wird. Wir bieten: Redaktionelle und grafische Mitarbeit am Slanted Magazin, insbesondere Ausgabe #44—Fashion Redaktionelle Mitarbeit am Slanted Blog und de learn more

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Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2023

Once again, Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2023 (The Best German Book Design 2023) were creatively captured in a catalog and introduced to the public for the first time at the award ceremony by Stiftung Buchkunst. The team from in Munich was responsible for the concept of the new publication this time. Each year, the competition for the The Best German Book Design 2023   brings together the most talented designers and the most refined production ideas. This year’s catalog aims to take a step back a learn more

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Lametta 2023

For twelve years now, every second weekend of Advent, you can buy handmade one-of-a-kind items in the areas of fashion, jewelry, design, art, photography, and much more at Lametta —a Christmas market in Karlsruhe. Surrounded by artistic acts, live performances, small concerts, a diverse culinary offering, children’s activities, and many surprises, over 70 exhibitors from all over Germany will showcase art and design. They mostly present their products themselves, and these products are anything but industri learn more

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Latent Figures

Three years after Shape Grammars (2020), Jannis Maroscheck returns with an updated look on machine-generated graphics and the core motif of mass produced ideas: Latent Figures. Looking for forms of expression hidden between ancient runes and y2k logos, medieval monograms and clip art illustrations, hieroglyphs and stock icons, Maroscheck developed AI-based systems to merge the shared visual vocabulary designed by humans across eras, continents, and cultures. The underlying process simulates human inspiratio learn more

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Slanted Magazine #42—Books

Slanted Magazine #42—Books is a magazine about books. Every day, people ponder whether the future of the (printed) book is tied to its sensual quality. How can beautiful books secure their place in the media and society? How are content, medium, and form interconnected? Is manufacturing and design quality, in addition to its functionality, simply to be understood as a marketing argument? In this edition, Slanted Publishers delves deeper into books that are pushing boundaries, moving beyond traditional norms learn more

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Capellini is a fashion-inspired variable serif font with high contrast and extremely narrow widths, including corresponding Italics by the new Berlin type foundry Show Me Fonts. Capellini is perfect for elevating your logos, posters, branding, and packaging. Its design DNA is derived from one of the logo sketches that Bernd, the founder of Show Me Fonts, drew for the Berlin-based video artist Astrid Gleichmann. He saw the potential in that particular sketch and began to explore the extremes of condensed pro learn more

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Typeface of the Month: Routine

Come take a look at out latest Typeface of the Month: Routine. Routine is a friendly and playful Sans. With soft edges, joints, and curves, Routine blends seamlessly into a page. Routine is an original take on Sans Serifs found in French newspapers from the late 19th century. These Sans come in a range of styles—grabbing the readers attention with its inky, charming features. These characteristics are conveyed into Routines contemporary and versatile design, encapsulating the broad range of styles from that learn more

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Fight for Kindness

In these tumultuous times, and in an even more self-centric world, genuine acts of kindness are becoming endangered, teetering on the brink of obsolescence. Recognizing this alarming trend, TypeCampus, in collaboration with Italy’s distinguished type foundry, Zetafonts, proudly presents Fight for Kindness. This influential initiative is a clarion call to the design community worldwide to illuminate the power of kindness through the medium of typography. The project converges the worlds of art and empathy, c learn more

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