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Performing Grounds

The designer and editor Dennis Hankvist in collaboration with Patrick Morarescu edited and produced a book compiling a selection of the photographic series PERFORMING GROUNDS, which is now available at Slanted Shop! The photographic series PERFORMING GROUNDS shows accidental and random traces of human actions found in public and private spaces, architectures, and places that once were alive and now are silent. The book, published by the Swedish graphic designer and publisher Dennis Hankvist, compiles a sele learn more

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The Flatplan

Thinking about launching your own magazine? Now’s your chance! The fourth edition of The Flatplan, magCulture’s magazine-making masterclass, is happening online on March 5th and 6th, 2022. The world of indie publishing is flourishing and with that, more and more people are intrigued by the idea of creating their own magazine. However, knowing exactly where to start can be daunting—that’s why The Flatplan was created. magCulture have brought together some of the best indie magazine-makers right now who’ll co learn more

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Be Water My Friend — B.W.M.F.

Be Water My Friend — B.W.M.F. presents the graphic journey and creative methodology by Rafael Bernardo, a designer and creative activist. The book outlines an analytic system that elaborates on how water behaves, how creativity works. A tool to connect the way we think with the way we feel by examining how we shape and navigate our processes, projects and routines. Inspired by an interview with Bruce Lee, where he refers to an aspect of Taoist philosophy, that water can teach us „the way,“ the graphic desig learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Franzi Haeussner | 

Joia 61

After more than fourteen years of traveling through various paths of editorial design, Chilean online and print magazine JOIA 61 opens up to new forms of graphic and conceptual exploration in its latest issue. Starting with the cover and following with each of its pages, it becomes clear that the goal with this edition was to bring together all kinds of resources and formats making them coexist without any editorial restriction, while keeping in mind that the quality of the work had to be at the level of ea learn more

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Get to know the typeface Gaya by Raphaël de La Morinerie with its flowing shapes, available at Out of the Dark type foundry. Gaya follows the structure of highly legible roman typefaces but takes another turn with its intriguing flowing shapes—pushing it to the limit within the italic. Researches on blurred typefaces formed the starting point for soft vector interpretations. However Raphaël de La Morinerie chose an always precisely controlled digital approach to create a balanced grey value in running text. learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Raphael-de-La-Morinerie | 

Common Monnem

Today we would like to share with you the „supergraphic“ Common Monnem—Together Mannheim  by Florian Budke. A large graphic that was installed in Mannheim, Germany, on the public space ALTER. Mannheim, a medium-sized city, is known for its grid-plan city layout, its baroque palace and its architecture—but also, and above all, for its ethnically and culturally diverse population. This mix of people can be experienced, among other places, in Neckarstadt East and West, two districts northwest of the city centr learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Florian.Budke | 

Witten Lab Magazine #02

The second issue of the Witten Lab Magazine #02 deals with the topic of networking and connecting. The magazine’s design was made by Stuttgart-based creative agency thekitchen and it was published by WittenLab. Zukunftslabor Studium fundamentale of University Witten/Herdecke. Witten Lab Magazine #02 is all about connections and networks. The design is a mix of bold color blocking, ligatures, and recombination of diverse typefaces, different structured papers, and text-in-text layouts. The editorial can be r learn more

Slanted  Slanted— thekitchen | 

Practica Program

Apply until January 23rd, 2022, and join the Practica Program — Typeface Design Course in spring 2022 and dig deeper into typeface design: Spend 14 weeks immersed in the world of type design while surrounded by the support of industry professionals and a community of like-minded typophiles. Students begin the course ready to work on a typeface they’ve begun outside of the program. Through a series of lectures, feedback sessions, Q & A sessions, and mini-workshops, they’ll learn how to expand their typef learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Practica Type | 

The World’s Best Typography

The beautiful book The World’s Best Typography features over 500 full-color images of international graphic design and type design. It shows the winning designs for the Type Directors Club’s competitions. The World’s Best Typography is the only awards annual devoted exclusively to typography. It presents the winning designs for the Type Directors Club’s two respected annual competitions: the 67th annual communications design competition (TDC67) and the 24th TDC Typeface Design Competition. The World’s Best learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Franzi Haeussner | 

From Adinkra to Shweshwe

From Adinkra to Shweshwe gives you a great insight into the different types of African patterns and how they are being used in a modern way. First African artifacts were brought to Europe in the 1880s during the colonization period. African furniture, textile, jewelry seemed too unusual for Europeans to be perceived as a piece of art instead of just historical artifacts. Artists of the 19th century were not openly admitting their fondness for colorful African arts. The first ones who publicly disclosed thei learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Slanted User | 

Typeface of the Month: Show Me the Mono

The new year has begun and it is time to present you our first Typeface of the Month: Show Me the Mono. It is a monospace typeface from the Berlin-based type foundry Mota Italic. Show Me the Mono began in Mumbai, India, in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. It was initially intended to be a fun distraction from the hard lockdown („hard“ as in not leaving a tiny studio apartment for almost six months). After a few months of focused work, the fonts were well underway, but nowhere near complete. To help get th learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

Surface N° 2

Surface N° 2 is the second edition with which the paper brand Arctic Volume presents international artists and their works—this time under the heading of hyperrealism. The 15 artists featured—including Wang & Söderström, Cody Cobb, and Namsa Leuba —show images in which reality and fantasy merge, boundaries dissolve, and irritating perspectives are exposed. On view are cityscapes, landscapes, and scenic compositions, as well as portraits of animals and people. Surface N° 2 is an edition that features the learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Franzi Haeussner | 

No. 3 Series

Today we want to introduce you to No. 3 Series— a typeface for a variety of large scale applications by Road to Venice Type. No. 3 Series is created to be used for titling, visual identities, books, magazines, mobile patterns, and websites. It has the characteristics of humanist letters, borrows from periods before and long after the Renaissance—the increased contrast, and is drawn into a contemporary context. The typeface covers three widths in large steps, Normal, Narrow, and Poster, and has numerous liga learn more

Slanted  Slanted— rvt | 

Schrift. Wahl und Mischung

Today we would like to introduce you to the publication Schrift. Wahl und Mischung by Kai Büschl and Oliver Linke that can guide you in deciding on the right typeface for your next design project. Again and again the same question: Which font is the right one for my project? Oliver Linke and Kai Büschl, both type experts and type designers, have created a comprehensive work that systematically approaches the topics of font selection and font blending, and offers well-founded assistance. How to correctly ass learn more

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Today we want to share Studio Blok’s design for the GTA21 exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA). They created the exhibition identity including environmental graphics and printed publication for the museum’s exhibit of 21 local artists. Greater Toronto Art 2021 (GTA21), a large-scale exhibition and new triennial—brings together 21 of the most energizing artists and art collectives working in Toronto and asks each one of them to consider: „What is urgent to you today?“. Rooted in the profou learn more

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