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ZAGRIZ by Ludovica De Santis

This interview delves into Ludovica De Santis’ creative process through the making of her photobook and project ZAGRIZ, a trip to the Balkans which tells of local counter-narratives and belonging. She explains: „The word ‚caries‘ comes from Latin and means ‚corrosion.‘ During my trip around the Balkans, a Romani man from Kosovo told me that the Balkan Peninsula was ‚the most damaged tooth in Europe.‘ I thought of it as a peculiar metaphor, but nothing more.“ ZAGRIZ by Ludovica De Santis Publisher: Altana Ph learn more

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Pr ima is a typeface family that has been designed to help in learning to read and write. Its premise is that children who learn to write have the right to a type that is as elegant as it is functional; the right to a typeface of quality that facilitates teaching and learning. To achieve this, Prima was designed with a set of core principles: Regular and cursive were conceived with a unified design concept in which separate and connected letterforms share much of their architecture. The resulting close form learn more

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Making of Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam

Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam  is in production and will be published end of April! Color and form play an important role in Amsterdam’s design and in the upcoming issue. Printed by our long-time printing partner  Stober Medien with fluorescent color on the cover (kindly supported by Inapa Deutschland) and nice spot color by HKS in the inside, this issue has been printed on great papers again and will be thread-stitched with a Swiss binding and neon-orange linen. A colorful object and a must-have! The maga learn more

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Slanted Spring Sale

Join the Slanted Spring Sale and grab your Easter presents now: Selected Slanted magazines & special editions as long as stock lasts from now until 03/22/2023. Below you can find a list of all publications with up to 65% discount! Have fun shopping! Magazines Slanted Magazine #17—Cartoon/Comic ⟶ €9.– / ≈ $9.50 Slanted Magazine #18—Signage.Orientation ⟶  €9.– / ≈ $9.50 Slanted Magazine #19—Super Families ⟶  €9.– / ≈ $9.50 Slanted Non-Latin Special Issue—Babylon ⟶  €5.– / ≈ $5.20 Slanted Magazine #22—Art learn more

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28th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw

Submit your work and become a part of the 28th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw! The competition starts with two calls for entries. The first is the Main Competition, in which all posters created between 2021 and 2023 are eligible. This competition is open to graphic designers, artists, and students. The deadline for submissions is March 15th. All entries will be judged by an international jury, and selected posters will be featured in the main exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Themat learn more

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Der Greif

Der Greif is an award-winning organization for contemporary photography. It is print-publication, online-publication, curatorial team, and joint project all at once. The artistic core and root of the project is the ad-free print-publication. It combines and presents the works of photographers and authors of different origins in a holistic piece of art. The website is exhibition-, communication-, and information-platform for participants and anyone interested in contemporary photography. Participating artist learn more

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The Typografische Gesellschaft München e.V. is launching its new lecture series Rejected. On seven evenings, this topic will be presented by means of seven protagonists who will deal with their respective works, backgrounds, creative solutions—and their failure. This offers the rare opportunity to take a look into the designers’ digital and analog archives. In addition, each lecture evening will feature a young „design starter“ to introduce the up-and-coming generation of designers. The Typografische Gesell learn more

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Mut zur Wut 2023

Once again from March 1st, up until the April 30th, you can upload your posters to the international competition’s website Mut zur Wut 2023! At the moment our world aches under tremendous tensions, as power structures tremble and societal pressures erupt through heated media outlets. In such times of turmoil, acting in a level-headed, solution-oriented, and compassionate manner is both challenging and invaluable. As creatives, we have a special gift that society can greatly benefit from, especially when the learn more

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Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment—Live the change, change lives (WE—LCCL) is an international campaign to empower women through creative works. In particular, the campaign advocates for new creative approaches to addressing women’s empowerment. They invite international designers, artists, writers, critics, historians, and filmmakers who want to work for gender equality to participate in our project, a campaign that will include a design & art award, a book publication, a short film competition, and a matchmaking wor learn more

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Thoughts are Liquid. 

Thoughts are Liquid. is a one-year artistic experiment with 1,000 questions answered by six designers in 216 posters. The decisive factor was the desire to counteract distance and passivity in a time marked by change and uncertainty. A domino game of ideas, exchange, and change of perspective was triggered: as the main role the medium poster between art, design, and new ways of working. The results of this process are shown in the form of a poster exhibition. Thoughts are Liquid. was born from the idea to w learn more

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Cyanidin Screen Printing

Cyanidin presents Cyanidin Screen Printing. A tutorial on how to make your own screen printing vegetable colorant with ph indicator! 1. The Color – cook red cabbage for 30 min. in water – evaporate 80% of the colored water – thick it with cornstarch – let cool down – stir creamy 2. The Prints – screen print with it – let dry prints 3. Colo r the Prints – Take two spray bottles – fill them with water – add caustig soda to the first bottle – add citric acid to the second bottle – spray on pictures, (red is ac learn more

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The editorial of the 4th issue of Footnotes —the periodical bulletin of applied research in type design—reads: Dear reader, you’re holding D, the fourth issue of Footnotes, the periodical bulletin of applied research in type design. In this field, technology is a defining element, be it a constraint or a liberation. With Telefont, the custom typeface for the last printed Dutch phonebook, Martin Majoor designed for the rough newsprint environment using the Ikarus technology in the heyday of the phone booth. learn more

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Faire Type

Based in Brooklyn, Faire Type is an independent type foundry working at the intersection of graphic design and type design to craft letterforms beautiful in form and versatile in function. With a rigorous attention to every detail, their type catalog is a built on the foundations of historical knowledge, formal exploration, and careful technical and technological execution. Consisting of six typefaces, Faire Type’s catalog is a mixture of fresh-takes on storied material, and completely original work. FAIRE learn more

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The podcast GRID. reflects on the creative, psychological, and economic challenges in the design profession and makes experiences, mistakes, and figures transparent. It promotes a comprehensive understanding of design disciplines among each other and creates a place for interfaces, networking, and interstices. Like a grid, Grid shows a multitude of approaches and possibilities and supports young designers in orienting themselves, developing further, and positioning themselves. Grid is as authentic as possib learn more

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Dongola Architecture Series

The Dongola Architecture Series (DAS) is a biannual book series that offers unique insight into Arab culture through the lens of its most iconic contemporary architects, and attempts to grapple with our environment’s past and present to better inform how we design our future. Each issue focuses on a specific architect’s formation and processes, and on their contributions to regional knowledge production. DAS is not an endorsement of style, but rather of methodology, affect, and synchronicity with the world. learn more

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