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Typeface of the Month: NaN Jaune

Our Typeface of the Month: NaN Jaune by Jérémy Landes is something of a grotesk grotesque: a typeface bursting with charm and novelty with 20 upright styles spread across three optical sizes, accomodating any scale or application. Jaune’s design began in 2016 as a single display weight taking inspiration from the warmth and compactness of Roger Excoffon’s 1960’s design Antique Olive. Over the following years Landes would expand the weight repertoire and add two additional sub-families bringing Jaune’s… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

Downtown Camper

City. Nature. Sea. This is how one could describe Sweden’s capital Stockholm. We were here for one week to finally meet creatives again and learn more about their approach and attitude. After a long day of work, it was nice to come to a cozy and central hotel: Downtown Camper by Scandic is our urban base camp for half of the time here. The business hotel does not look like a classic business hotel at all. No wonder, Scandic commissioned Swedish architects Stylt Trampoli to „bring nature into the city… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Julia Kahl | 

Beyond Matter

BEYOND MATTER — Thinking about Exhibitions in novel ways: Digital Art and New Forms of Experiencing Art is an international, collaborative, and practice-based research project, which takes cultural heritage and culture to the boundaries of virtual reality. Within a multitude of activities and formats it reflects in particular on the virtual condition of spatial aspects of art production, of curating, and in art presentation, and education. The priority areas of the project’s research and practice are the… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

I Love Typography Shop

I Love Typography, a leading voice in the world of type, has expanded its portfolio with an innovative webshop dedicated to font discovery and licensing. To mark this occasion, some of the world’s best type designers are releasing new typefaces, and launching new foundries, in celebration. The popular blog (ILT) has unveiled today a new design that combines its signature content dedicated to all matters type with an innovative e-commerce platform that re-imagines font discovery… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

Practica Program

Apply until July 18th, 2021 and join the Practica Program — Typeface Design Course in fall 2021 and dig deeper into typeface design: Spend 14 weeks immersed in the world of type design with industry professionals by your side. Students begin the course ready to work on a typeface they’ve begun outside of the program. Through a series of lectures and mini-workshops, they’ll learn how to expand their typeface through the process of interpolation. They’ll also visit some of the finer points of the craft… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Practica Type | 

Font Customization: How Does It Help Designers’ Work?

Customization is an instrument solving a large array of design tasks and helping corporate brand establishment. It often happens that existing fonts do not correspond to the needs of a certain project. But font is not a static instrument that functions only the way it was created. To convey the company’s individual style, the font can and should be adapted and customized to one’s needs that may range from simple changes like diminishing the character composition to complex design changes in all glyphs… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— TypeType | 

ULTRAFETT Typography Festival 2021

The ULTRAFETT Typography Festival 2021 — Celebrating the World of Type and Typography is taking place online from June 7th to July 11th, 2021: Enjoy new videos from our international speakers every week—on YouTube—for free! Celebrating the world of type and typography, eleven of the world’s best typographers and designers are ready to be your travel guides. With many inspiring contributions and personalities, ULTRAFETT celebrates a wide variety of typographic styles and disciplines: Explore… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Mirko Israel | 

Exhibition 100 Best Posters 20

The current selection of the Exhibition 100 Best Posters 20 from the three German-speaking countries can be seen in Berlin until July 4th, 2021, then on tour in Essen, St.Gallen, Lucerne, Lausanne, Oldenburg, Vienna, Zurich, Mendrisio, Genf, as well as in Seoul, Chisinau, and Timisoara. Despite the pandemic with some unrealized poster projects, the jury with Markus Weisbeck, Xavier Erni, Andrea Gassner, Na Kim and Franziska Morlok had 1,973 posters from 600 entrants to choose from. As a result, the… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

Euclid—Typeface Mystery No. 1

More than three years after the release of their first typeface monograph,  Swiss Typefaces is proud to announce the launch of a new book. Euclid—Typeface Mystery No.1 was conceived and designed by Hubertus Design. The typographic tome of 264 pages is a feast for the eyes, built around a story that will send a chill down your spine. For their second book, they invited Hubertus Design to work on the concept and art direction. The Zurich-based studio was given carte blanche for a book that would… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

Forward Festival Hamburg 2021

„Always keep moving Forward!“ After a very successful Online-Only-Event in March, Forward Festival is returning with a hybrid format on July 1st and 2nd, 2021 in Hamburg: Forward Festival Hamburg 2021 — Comeback of Creativity Between Post-Digitization and Community-Thinking. Forward Festival is a renowned conference for the local and international creative industries, established in 2015. The festival’s self declared mission is to serve as a platform for creative people and to promote inspiration… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

Speaking in Tongues

Studio Last invites you to their Speaking in Tongues Group Exhibition at Blake & Vargas, starting from June 11th to July 18th, 2021. Feat. works and editions by: Angelika Loderer Anna Lena Grey Carolin Eidner Christian Hoosen David Schiesser Dorothy Iannone Garrett Nelson Lotte Meret Nat Marcus Sarah Bernauer Una Szeemann Young Dancers Group The Speaking in Tongues—Group exhibition at Blake & Vargas brings together work by artists who explore the body as a transformative vessel… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

Support „Flexible Visual Systems“ on Kickstarter

Yesterday, the Kickstarter-campaign for Flexible Visual System s started, a book initiated by TwoPoints.Net, which is not just another book by the design studio based in Hamburg, Berlin, and Barcelona.—It is Martin Lorenz’s once-in-a-lifetime book and now he needs your help to make it become real: Support „Flexible Visual Systems“ on Kickstarter! Flexible Visual System s is the design manual for contemporary visual identities. It teaches you a variety of approaches on how to design flexible… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 


Another day, another typeface! We are happy to introduce you to the typeface Quirkwood — By  Canadatype : Quirkwood was Robby Woodard’s pandemic project. During all the craziness and uncertainty surrounding lockdowns and work-from-home mandates, the veteran designer decided to revisit the classic Egyptienne / Italienne / French Clarendon aesthetic and make it his very own with two extra spoons of fun and a generous dollop of cheer. Quirkwood is what we have after his typographic bender, and we… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

picto-, ideo-

We are delighted to announce that picto-, ideo- — by Johannes Bergerhausen and Ilka Helmig is now available at Slanted Shop! On the occasion of the exhibition Pictograms, Signs of Life, Emojis: The Society of Signs  at the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren 2020 and at the Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg 2021 the publication picto-, ideo- — By Johannes Bergerhausen and Ilka Helmig was published.  Designer and researcher Johannes Bergerhausen and artist Ilka Helmig focus on the unknown and… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

Büro Destruct 4

It is a great honor for us to publish the fourth monograph of the Swiss design studio Büro Destruct. Büro Destruct 4 not only presents the best of the realized projects of the past twelve years, but also intermediate steps, discards, experiments, and inspiration. In contrast to the strict and somewhat restrained Swiss Style of the 1960s, Büro Destruct stands for design without the handbrake on. Apparently everything is possible. It can be humorous, loud, colorful and zeitgeisty. At the same time… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Nina Steimel | 

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