Quick hello to those on the Design Forum (from Düsseldorf!)

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Kenneth Shinabery

Shinabery, Kenneth


I thought I would say hello quickly to those in the Design Forum. I am currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This spring I moved to Europe from New York City, and I have to say I am quite excited to be here.

If you are a creative in Europe feel free to connect with me either on Dasauge or on Behance.net ( www.behance.net/kennshinabery ).


Ilya Tselutin

Tselutin, Ilya


Hello Kenneth, how do you love Europe so far? I’m currently based in Miami, FL, willing to relocate to Germany. Would love to connect you here.

Greeting from Florida,


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Kenneth Shinabery

Shinabery, Kenneth



Germany is really nice. Right now I in Düsseldorf, but I have visited other cities: Berlin, Trier, Köln, Bonn, etc. I still have other places to visit as well, such as München.

My wife is German, so it was easy for me to relocate here and I had no problem getting approved for my work/residence permit.

There is so much to see and experience here and you can find new things to take inspiration from. For example… there is a castle called Schloss Burg about 20 minutes from where I live. I think it would be amazing to do a photoshoot there.

How long have you lived in Miami? The weather hear is very different from Miami. The summer was short here and probably not as hot as it was there.


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