Terms of use

Terms of use for dasauge

zeramedia berlin Gero Willi, hereafter referred to as “zeramedia”, provides its services via the internet site “dasauge.de” and all its localizations (hereafter referred to as “dasauge”) exclusively according to the following terms of use:

1 Description of services

1.1 The user receives permission to view various types of publications on the pages of dasauge that are designated for this purpose, and to use this information in the context of his or her own research according to the terms of use detailed in the following figures.

1.2 zeramedia reserves the right to change, limit or suspend the services offered on dasauge at any time.

2 User obligations

The user is obliged to comply with the following conditions:

a. The user may only use dasauge in such a way as does not infringe applicable laws.

b. The user must refrain from any practises and technical undertakings that may obtain an unfair advantage or disadvantage for individual publications. This includes repeated participation in evaluations and surveys, or repeated page hits to artificially increase viewing figures in order to receive additional service credits or any other supposed advantage.

c. The user must refrain from any practises that harm or intend to harm system or network security.

d. The user must immediately report any recognisable failings, damage or interruption to the service of the website, and undertake all necessary measures to facilitate or accelerate the elimination of such failings, damage or interruption to service.

e. The user may not access any data that is not clearly released for general access via links or online forms.

f. The user may not process data files in an automated manner.

3 Contact by users

The user agrees to use the contact opportunities provided by dasauge in strict compliance with the following conditions:

a. The user agrees not to use contact details to make contacts that have nothing to do with the purpose of the site entry.

b. In particular, the user agrees not to use contact details for recruitment purposes outside of the job sectors listed, and not to participate in snowball systems or any illegal activities.

c. The user agrees not to use contact details for advertising purposes or to send unsolicited e-mails to multiple recipients.

4 Rights of use

4.1 zeramedia holds the exclusive copyright to the aggregation of content on dasauge and to the HTML, CSS, Javascript and other code belonging to the internet site.

4.2 The rights of the user are restricted to the access of information in the manner detailed in figure 1 in the context of the conditions of these terms of use and the site use intended by the operator. Unless otherwise agreed, zeramedia accords the user no other rights of use. In particular, the use of dasauge content in other publications is strictly forbidden.

5 Liability

5.1 In the case of infringement of the obligations detailed in figures 2 and 3, the user exempts zeramedia from all hereby precipitated third party claims.

5.2 zeramedia is liable to the user only in the case of premeditated action and gross negligence. Liability for missed earnings is out of the question. Overall liability is limited to foreseeable damage.

5.3 Data, manuscripts and images surrendered to zeramedia will be handled with all due care and attention. The user is advised to only pass copies and duplicates to zeramedia. In the case of loss of data or material by zeramedia or its partner companies, lost data and materials must be replaced by the user free of charge, if necessary.

6 Data privacy

6.1 zeramedia provides information concerning the form, scope, place and purpose of collection, processing and use of personal data in its privacy policy, which can be viewed on the dasauge website.

7 Final stipulations

7.1 Special agreements must be made in writing.

7.2 All contracts and their execution are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin, in as far as the user is a commercial agent.

7.3 These terms of use have been drawn up in the German language and all other language versions are translations. The original language is the authoritative version for judicial interpretation.

7.4 If any of these terms or components thereof are determined to be illegal or invalid, then the remaining terms or components thereof shall remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable. In place of the invalid term, a valid term that lies closest to the purpose of the intended term will take retroactive effect.

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