Creative Modern Canvas Art for Home Decoration

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Creative Modern Canvas Art for Home Decoration

Unlike standard artworkn in home Decoration, canvas prints are not printed onto paper and as the name obviously implies, they are prints on canvas. The canvas is then stretched around a hard wooden frame to provide a stunning effect with no visible frame.

Just why is it that big brand named companies are now choosing canvas prints over traditional art?

One of the main reasoning for this transition is that canvas art provides such a stunning effect. A well chosen canvas can add beauty to any room. Thanks to technology, any type of picture can be transferred onto canvas; they can be used to show emotion, events or simply a company’s promotional message or logo. A perfect canvas print has the ability to make people stop and stare, just like fine art but with the advantage of being a lot less expensive.

[b]The Original photo[/b]:

[IMG]…/1_Original.jpg [/IMG]

[b]Photo Turned into art:[/b]

[IMG]…/10_Watercolor.jpg [/IMG]

Prints on canvas
[IMG]…/10_Watercolor_Puppy.jpg [/IMG]

Here are some creative ideas for canvas art and prints:

1. Make your own artwork – With modern technology such as Photoshop, it is getting increasingly easy to edit your own art and photos by means of a computer. Have you created a virtual masterpiece? Bring it to life in the form of a canvas print for everyone to admire!

2. Enhance your family photos – Using Photoshop you can do a multitude of things to your photos, including but not limited to: resizing, cropping, removing certain items and you can even remove the entire background! It is also possible to add special effects such as the famous pop-art effect or exotic backdrops to your photos.

3. Holiday photos – Did you take a sensational snapshot of some foreign extravagance last time you went on holiday? Would you like to re-live it every time you wake up? Simply upload your photo to your computer, edit it if you need to, and then send it off to be professionally printed. Within a couple of days you could be waking up to a memory of your favourite holiday.

4. Use Stock photos – Not quite the artist yourself but fancy some unique art? Luckily there are artists willing to sell or even give away their art online for you to []prints on canvas[/URL]! Just check there aren’t any copyrights before you print anything.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the cost of all this and most people are pleasantly surprised to find out that they can purchase one of these canvases for as little as twenty pounds. In comparison to traditional art, these prices are really inexpensive which means it is no wonder that so many people are choosing canvas prints to decorate their home.

Some recent research has even found that a high quality canvas print will outlast traditional photographs. Normal photographs fade after about twenty years whereas a high quality canvas can maintain its colour for an average of seventy years! Using some of these great ideas can easily turn a room into an art gallery.

It is our belief that everyone should understand the true beauty that is achievable through canvas printing.




The bedroom is a retreat, a place for relaxation and the artwork should reflect that. The best walls for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed.

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