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Independent stock vs the big mega media sites

Tired of looking for the illusive needle in haystack? Nervous of buying the same stock image as your competitors?

We’ve just launched a new independent stock site called Brownstock. We’re new, we’re small, and we represent a couple handfuls of very good creative photographers. Now, we may not have everything you’re looking for, but our collections are growing weekly.

Take a peek at our site and if you feel it could be a good resource, please bookmark us.


Great opportunity for young designers

Hi guys
Just wanted to let you all know about this exciting competition that’s running at the moment – the Europrix Top Talent Award. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your talents to international experts in the design industry and also win some fantastic prizes at the same time!
Basically it is a contest for all areas of multimedia and design where projects are assessed by an international jury of people who are at the top of their field. It is an ideal platform for networking and acquiring business…

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Can some one help

Hey I was wondering if any one could help me with masking. I know this is a new-bee question. I’m working with fireworks and I’m simply trying to have a background of a picture fill behind a word only showing the background within each letter of the word.

ex: A image of the word „vacation“ with a picture of the beach in the background but only showing the portions of the beach picture in which the word vacation is over.

I know I have to use the masking tool but I just cant quite get it any help would…

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