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Armitage and Elliott

Armitage and Elliott



We are 40 year veterans of the carpentry industry and have developed a new coffee table range that surpasses many quality standards that you may find in a typical high street store.

Based in Ossett – West Yorkshire, we have been producing high quality goods to the trade for the past 40 years. Specialising in products such as Reception Desks, Hardwood Partitions, Staircases and Doors they have now developed their own bespoke furniture range, starting with a group of high quality Lamp and Coffee Tables.

Dismayed after visiting many furniture outlets in the search of the perfectly crafted coffee table, Armitage and Elliott have begun the long journey of re-educating the general public that mdf, veneers and dowels should not be in the same sentence as “Quality”.

Hand and machine crafted from American White Oak the tables feature mortice and tenon joints and are completed with a natural lacquer that allows the original colour of the oak to shine through.

Unlike rival high street brands the tables do not feature dowels, veneers or require fiddly assembly. The tables arrive fully complete and are ready to complement any room in your house.

The smallest table in the range starts at (W) 35cm X (L) 35cm X (H) 35cm and the largest size currently stands at (W) 40cm X (L) 70cm X (H) 40cm.

For further information or if you require tables of different dimensions please visit

You may also contact our offices direct at:

Armitage and Elliott
RCM Business Centre
Sandbeds Trading Estate
Dewsbury Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0) 1924 262292
Fax +44 (0) 1924 262982

Email [email address hidden]

Thanks James

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