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I just thought I’d make a quick post to see if anyone on the forum has any use for our services. We are a print and design company based in Sheffield called 1ClickPrint who specialize in working with small and medium size businesses.
We currently focus on promotional print such as flyer printing, poster printing, large format printing, banner printing, t-shirt printing and business card printing. We also have in house designers to take care of the graphic designas well if needs be.
We have also recently expanded into large format photo quality poster printing and canvas printing. On that front we are currently looking for artists, designers and photographers who would be interested in working with us.
We are currently looking to increase the amount of original artwork available to the public through our gallery. So if anyone out there has any images that they own the copyright to and that they think people may buy prints of we’d love to hear from you. We allow artists to set their own prices and therefore how much money they make on each sale.
As I said we’d love to hear from you with regards to any of the above. You can reach us via any of the details below.

Paul Wilcock
[email address hidden]
08707 66 30 39




Thanks for sharing

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