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Hey I was wondering if any one could help me with masking. I know this is a new-bee question. I’m working with fireworks and I’m simply trying to have a background of a picture fill behind a word only showing the background within each letter of the word.

ex: A image of the word „vacation“ with a picture of the beach in the background but only showing the portions of the beach picture in which the word vacation is over.

I know I have to use the masking tool but I just cant quite get it any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance




First step is to create two layers in fireworks, one with the text you want and one with the picture. With the picture on top you could lower the opacity of the picture just so that you can see what position looks best (picture inside letters). Once you have it positioned correctly, turn the opacity back to 100%. Select both the picture and the text by holding down your shift key while you click on both. Once they are both selected click modify group as mask. If you need to make changes after there grouped you can do so with your sub select tool by clicking on the individual layers in the layers panel.

Hope this helps.

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Ronin Photography


go to the library and get a book adobe type tricks.
Unless your version some of photoshop that i don’t know about.
Saw this type of trick in adobe photoshop at my library in central Denver.
Also check out halfpriced books at
I can’t rember the steps. sorry. good luck

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