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Hi guys
Just wanted to let you all know about this exciting competition that’s running at the moment – the Europrix Top Talent Award. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your talents to international experts in the design industry and also win some fantastic prizes at the same time!
Basically it is a contest for all areas of multimedia and design where projects are assessed by an international jury of people who are at the top of their field. It is an ideal platform for networking and acquiring business contacts as all the nominated projects are invited for an all expenses paid trip to the Top Talent Festival in Vienna where you have the opportunity of cooperating with top companies in the business and young creative professionals. So it is definately worth a go if you are starting out or thinking of starting out in the industry because they will promote you and your work!
On top of that the prizes are definately attractive! The total prize money is 11.000 euro plus the winners get cutting edge new Adobe software! It doesn’t get much better than that! So if you are a student or under the age of 30, you should definately check out the link below for more info – the deadline is approaching quite fast.

Freya Henry

Henry, Freya


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