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Software for Id Photos?

Hi there,
Does anyone use a software for id photos like driving licences, visas, passports etc.? but with regulations from different countries! If yes please let me know.


what to charge

I have been a keen amature photographer for 35 years, and in the last two years have been taking alot of pics of local bands. Now i am being asked to sell pics to the bands for promoting purposes. i have no idea how i should go about pricing these. any pointers?

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Iconique Societás Excellence in Fashion Photography Awards

If any hot shot fashion photographers are in our midst they may like to know about the launch of the Iconique Societas Excellence in Fashion Photography Awards.

Designed to bring the international spotlight onto the very best contemporary fashion photographers, the ‘Excellence in Fashion Photography Awards’ launched today. Both up and coming and established professional fashion photographers are invited to submit a fashion editorial, which encapsulates the theme ‘Fête des Fleurs’ (Party of Flowers)…

Fotopunto Photo Agency

New models/photogs. web community: Show your profile and photos, and find work

The Fotopunto Photo Agency has created a web models, photographers and photo agencies community, on wich you can create your own web space and show all your information and photos, as a model, a photographer, a model agency, or many other company profiles.

Your space will be accesible via the Internet, and you’ll be contacted by (and you can contact with) model agencies, photographers and other companies that are using our web services daily to find talents and offer work opportunities.

This service is…


looking for photographers

We’re a new stock photography project in Canada, and we are looking for independent photographers to join the project. We’re looking for shooters that have edge and an eye for the evocative. You could be a seasoned commercial shooter or even an assistant that needs a venue to start shooting your own work.

[email address hidden]

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NavaSwan Images

Need vote on my portfilio

A shameful need for your attention...

I have entered a art/photography competition and need votes to win. Everyone who votes for me can cast as many as 20 votes for me at one time. A little goes a long way.

To view and vote go to

Click on VIEW Contestants (at the bottom of the page, use the scroll bar to the far right!)

Enter my Login name (NavaSwan) in the box marked FIND NAME.
My gallery and my photo should appear in this list (with a photo of me sitting on an elephant).

great imagery

worth having a look.
it is different

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Spyder. ?

Does anyone happen to use a Colorvision Spyder to calibrate their monitor?

I Need some info please!


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