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NavaSwan Images


A shameful need for your attention...

I have entered a art/photography competition and need votes to win. Everyone who votes for me can cast as many as 20 votes for me at one time. A little goes a long way.

To view and vote go to

Click on VIEW Contestants (at the bottom of the page, use the scroll bar to the far right!)

Enter my Login name (NavaSwan) in the box marked FIND NAME.
My gallery and my photo should appear in this list (with a photo of me sitting on an elephant).
Click on the VOTE button on my entry and cast up to 20 votes for me all at once.

The only requirement is that all voters must first do a free registration to become members of This is really easy and does not require you to upload of any images and, again its FREE. You’ll have up to 20 votes each, which may be used on one or as many Artists/Photographers as you wish (of course, I could use all the votes possible).

Many thanks and Please pass this along to everyone to add their attention and votes to help me win. Voting is open now and for a limited time...

All the best,


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