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We’re a new stock photography project in Canada, and we are looking for independent photographers to join the project. We’re looking for shooters that have edge and an eye for the evocative. You could be a seasoned commercial shooter or even an assistant that needs a venue to start shooting your own work.


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I have visited brownstck.com.

They have a very nice and clear interface.

However, they still haven’t collected enough images to be attractive to buyers. A standard amount of images should be at least 3 mln ( for example: 123rf has got over 4 mln images).

Another thing that could be imroved it the range of image resolutions available. I’ve notice that brownstock.com only offers Web and Print Resolution. Other websites offer more options.

I have been working in advertising industry for a while, so I have dealt with stock images quite a lot. I’m also an amateur photographer myself and I submit my pics to microstock websites (My portfolio: www.123rf.com/portfolio/arcona/1.html).

I’ve noticed, there’s little information for contributors on brownsotck.com, one has to contact them first via e-mail. This might be discouraging.

I believe that, with some improvements, brownstock has got chances to be successful.

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