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Hi, i am good at garment,shoes, plumbing product and sanitary ware from material to commercial documents. I really wonder how i get can the job in UK. Does employer can support work?

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Hello to all, I am looking for a job but I cant get anywhere in uk cos I have a problem in my languages. Relocated to england due to marriage. I am a Bcom and MBA graduate in India. Now I can tried parttime, temporary work. Its not use no one give the job then i have applied assistant job also. still they are no response. what i can do pls give ur advice.

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Uk Jobs


I came to UK on 25-april-08 on HSMP visa and started my job hunt from 28.I have 5 years exp in java j2ee, and once i posted my resume on few job site like cwjobs,jobserve,moster and planet recruit i started getting many calls from cunsultant atleast 5 calls a day. so i thought that i can get a offer in a week or so as i can join the company immidiately.But that did not happend i got only one interview scheduled in last two weeks + and that company was not ready to offer 40 k to me.I still get many…

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Want to know about the company before joining!

Hi all,
Does any one know any site from where I can get the information about the employer of a particular company? Where I can know about the working culture of a particular company? And what will be the future aspects? If you people know any site so, let me know. Any help from you people will be precious for me.
Thanks in advance for your help.


job in UK for MBA

I am planning to do my higher studies..i am in dilemma whether i can go for MBA or MS..i am a BE graduate in Computers.Does MBA will help me to build my carrer..what i feel is doing MBA will distract my carrer?i have one year experience in Software field..


please advise...

hi, just wanted somebodys opinion on what i should do?

i have an interview next week for sales and customer services role in insurance. the hours are great, mon-friday till 6pm and 1 saturday in 6, no sundays. but there are no bonuses and the wage is £16k. at the same time, i will have to pay for parking which is £550 a year. At the moment, i’m working in insurance and in 3-4 months the wages will go up and will be around the same as in the new job but the hours are between 8am-10pm rotating shift and…


Freelance Academic Research Writers Needed!

We are currently hiring highly qualified research writers who can write high quality and original essays, assignments and theses etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

Master’s or PhD degree
Excellent English writing skills
Regular and unobstructed access to PC and the Internet
Expertise in Internet Research
Ability to meet deadlines
No plagiarism

If you believe you meet the above requirements, please visit and sign up for the job of freelance academic writing.

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International Assignments for Designers


This might be interesting for many DasAuge community members here: is a combination of Social Network and Jobsite, targeted at qualified international jobs and internships for young professionals and students. So if you haven’t found your next internship or job abroad yet, you might want to check out that free site.



If you require articles


I would like you to know that I am available for freelance copywriting services over the internet. So if you are interested, please let me know. In case you know someone who would be interested in recruiting my services please let me know.

I have written articles,eBooks and web content for clients all over the world on a variety of subjects. My speciality is understanding the exact requirement of my client and deliver quality rich articles well in time. I can write on a variety of subjects.


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We are looking for qualified and creative writers!

We are looking for new experienced, deadline-oriented and highly responsible freelance writers who can write researches and theses on a variety of subjects.

The main qualifications required to apply for this job are as follows:

  • High quality writing, up to “A” standard of a relevant academic level
  • Strong ability to meet deadlines
  • Promptness in responding to urgent matters
  • Knowledge of the major citation styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago)
  • Ability to effectively defend your writing if questioned by…


Skilled photo retoucher available


I am a freelance digital retoucher with a solid five years of experience in fashion photo retouching and image manipulation. I have worked along
with various clients from all over the United States and Europe.

My hourly rate is 25 pounds
If you are interested in working with me on a regular basis we can agree upon a flat rate per photo.
I accept credit cards and wire transferring.

To see my portfolio visit my website:

Feel free to contact me if…

Jim Morrison

Morrison, Jim

Seeking screendesign employment near Karlsruhe, DE

Hi there!

I’ll be living in Karlsruhe mid-september and looking for some work.
I’m from New Zealand, but I’m legal to work in Germany.

I’ve about 5 years experiance as a Graphic designer (illustrator, Photoshop), mainly for the Web (Flash, Dreamweaver & HTML/CSS), but print (Indesign) and motion graphics (After Effects, Final Cut) experiance as well.

The latest sites I’ve been working on are:
(worth a game if you get the chance)

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