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Hello to all, I am looking for a job but I cant get anywhere in uk cos I have a problem in my languages. Relocated to england due to marriage. I am a Bcom and MBA graduate in India. Now I can tried parttime, temporary work. Its not use no one give the job then i have applied assistant job also. still they are no response. what i can do pls give ur advice.



do not worry you will find something – there are so many jobs around – you must just keep applying.

if you are always being told that your language is not up to scratch then why dont you do a part time course to develop your english language. there are many places in england that will help you do this.

you can search for new jobs on many job boards. why dont you try this jobsite : as it has many jobs on there.

good luck.

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Many thanks for your advice. Already I found the english course in UK but they said too much cost. what will you do? I told my husband he say dont worry you have wait for 1year then you have apply for PR after will join the course. I have decided to apply for the any job cos i can improve my language but no one give the job. do you have any idea in how to join chartered accountant firm pls help me.

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