Photo Wealth System Scam? by Arnold

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Walk, Mike


Photo Wealth System Overview
The Photo Wealth System is a system that claims for you to be able to earn up to $200 a day by taking photographs with any digital camera in your own neighborhood. It claims to be a completely at home-based business that anyone can use as a full time job.

Is it a scam?

When first seeing this system on the web I didn’t even look twice. Upon reading it home page I was already skeptical of the product. But after deliberating about it I purchased the system just to see what it was about. Once I began seeing and listening to the ideas that were presented I became even more skeptical. A lot of them seemed to be so unrealistic it was pathetic. I decided to keep on with the system in hopes to at least some how get my moneys worth back. But much to my surprise, almost every idea of the system turn out to be true! It took me about a week but I did actually sell one of the photos I had taken. It may be a bit more difficult than expected but it does, without a doubt, work. If the effort is applied this could be, as claimed, a home-based, full time job. Although I do not think it was worth the $49.95 I paid (seeing as my first photo only sold for $20) I would purchase the system with a cheaper price tag.

If anyone is interested

I have found a link that offers the system for $29.95, which is $20.00 cheaper than what I paid.

I would be very interested to see and hear of others success with this system.

I hope that I could be of some help in any way Best Regards, Arnold

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