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We are looking for a graphic designer to create a new type of political flyer for the european parliamentary elections 2014. we hope with our idea we can reach people who are usually turned down by economics complexities:

together with a team from attac we are trying to turn the current financial crisis with its economic processes and political reactions into an overview chart—based on icons for each step of the processes: relating them, clarifying them.
In april we want to distribute a DIN A4 flyer on market squares that shows on the front page the processes of the crisis in an exclusively graphic/icon composition—on the back side very short texts will explain them a bit further.

front: bit.ly/196oCeO
back: bit.ly/1fC1KJ7

We have full editorial and text support—but missing a good designer! Are you interested in infographics, icon design and politics? Please write us.

Later we dream about turning this process chart into an interactive web page that teaches people basic economics—based on graphics with super-short explanations. (then we will need a good html/flash coder also.)

to get there, we’re all open to new ideas and inspiration.

please mail:
[email address hidden]


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