Mastering Black and White Photography

Mastering Black and White Photography

A unique case study approach to achieving professional results.

After an explanation of the different processes, films, paper, and formats, the main part of the book looks at the most popular types of photography in black and white – namely Portraiture, Landscape, Still Lifes and Nudes, Architecture and Art, and Reportage. Each subject is examined in a series of throughly practical Case Studies, each of which shows the whole story of an assignment – from negative to contact sheet to finished print – making this a unique teaching tool. John Garrett makes no apologies for laying out the worst as well as the best of his assignments to reveal the problems faced by a professional photographer and how they were solved. A range of subjects, types of commission, and photographic approaches is covered in over 40 case studies. All the cases studies contain considerable emphasis on the photographer’s need to communicate effectively. Garrett’s accessible, friendly, informative text is packed with advice, techniques, and tips.

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