The Photographer’s Guide to Light

The Photographer’s Guide to Light

All aspects of light including daylight, flash, tungsten, HMI, available light and night photography.

This is the fourth title in an exciting twelve-book series, focussing on both film and digital photography, by renowned photographer, John Freeman. These inspiring practical guides explore every area of photography from composition and landscapes to travel and photographing nudes. They include invaluable digital manipulation techniques to help you get the most out of your images. Each book is illustrated with John Freeman’s stunning images from all over the world along with helpful diagrams and screen grabs. Light is the lifeblood of photography and without it there would be no shadows. The correlation between light and shade is explored to give the photographer an insight into how stunning images can be achieved even when the light is low. All aspects of light are discussed including daylight, flash, tungsten, HMI, available light and night photography. The colour balance of films and how different light affects them together with the latest digital techniques are explained with clarity and illustrated with a wide range of different images. Diagrams complement the issues raised and compliment the photographs. Equipment is discussed in detail from the most basic flash-gun to a professional studio set-up, as well as the best cameras to use in a variety of different situations. Subjects range from: portraits taken in available light; fill-in flashes; interiors with mixed lighting conditions; when to take the optimum night-time shots – all achieveable by even those with the most modest of equipment.

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