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3D design, environments, characters, props, illustration


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(I’m currently located in the US – Seattle, WA. My wife is German and we plan on moving to Germany in the Fall)

I’m a truly creative artist. I’m consumed with whatever project I’m working on. I enjoy getting lost in my artwork and leaving my mark as a professional artist on projects. Nothing thrills me more than seeing my work come to life in a team environment.

After graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle with a BFA in animation, I did several internships. I was a concept artist intern as well as in data management. From these experiences I learned that my true passion is fundamental and direct creativity. The method and tools are varied, but the process of nothing into something is the same.

I started drawing comics for a number of startup publishers as well as established ones in 2008. I worked in publishing as a visual storyteller as well as a character designer, prop and environment designer. I put together story plus style to get a unique vision for the many projects I’ve worked on.
I love video games and the fine art of video game design and development. Technology meeting art meeting interaction is amazing to me. I love to develop animation ready characters with an eye towards the heart – the heart of the viewer and the heart of project.

  • I seek criticism whenever possible.
  • I run towards challenges.
  • I love learning new software.
  • My communication skills clear, concise and specific.
  • My ability to understand and iterate are core and fundamental to my creative process. I don’t fall in love with a design unless the team has and the story has.

Specialties: 3D character design, 3D prop design, texturing, UV mapping, concept art, visual storytelling – sequential storytelling, story boards, digital/traditional painting, digital/traditional drawing


3D design, environments, characters, props, illustration
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Seattle WA 98125
United States
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