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What to Consider When Your Home Needs Power Washing

When it comes to cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home, typical cleaning techniques are not likely to be effective. Power washing is among the most cost-effective and efficient methods to clean the outer surfaces of your home. While you should power wash your home annually and whenever necessary, there are a few things to remember before considering calling in a professional.

To start, understand the difference between power washing and pressure washing. While power washing is harmful to some surfaces, it is seen as the most heavy-duty option for cleaning the exterior of your home. Power washing is used for large areas, such as driveways, and clean these tough messes and surfaces with heat and pressure. Power washing is often used on large areas with extreme dirt, grease, moss or algae buildup, and other tough messes. On the other hand, pressure washing is used for surfaces that need a gentler and safer clean. Pressure washing is often used for small areas, such as the deck and patio, or brick and masonry work around your home.

Both pressure and power washing services are valuable. To use the right services, know what to wash and what not to wash. Not every exterior surface of your home needs, or can be, power washed. In some cases, a pro may suggest pressure washing. However, there are also surfaces that should not be power or pressure-washed. If you wash laminar sandstone, it will merely wash away. Anything older or painted should also not be power or pressure washed because it could be destroyed. You may be able to wash it with the help of a professional, but never on your own. If your home has stained wood, pressure washing or power washing especially will strip away the stain just as it does paint.

Because of the nature of power washing, it is essential to understand that it is not a project that you should typical DIY. Regardless of the appropriate unit, you could potentially damage your property. Especially if you choose the wrong washer for the job, this damage could be extensive. Unless you are into DIY, you can rent a commercial power washing machine and do the cleaning independently. Professional power washing services are always the best option.

Consider the area that needs to be cleaned before you decide to pressure or power wash your home.
The primary difference between these two services is heat, so you must consider the best type of washing services for the area that needs to be cleaned. When using hot water to wash the exterior of your home is one of the most efficient and effective deep cleaning methods. So, whether you need to gently clean the siding of your home or deep clean the driveway, understanding the difference means preserving the area’s integrity.

When considering power washing services, always consult a pro, such as SJ Contractor Services, LLC, or another trusted local professional. Power washing is an effective method to wash the exterior of your home, but only if it is done properly.


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