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Signs of Garage Door Motor Issues

When you think of a garage door system, what comes to mind? Sure, things like the door and track are obvious choices. But most people are familiar with the motor. It hovers above the ground, just waiting until a signal tells it to turn on and off. As a small motor, there are several movable parts working together to make the unit operational. Anytime there is metal on metal, breakage can occur. When it does, the garage door motor will seize and stop working altogether.

When diagnosing a garage door issue can often be difficult. There are many working parts that move in unison to achieve the convenient up and down motion we require from the garage door. So, how can you tell if it is a garage door motor issue or something else? While it is always easier—and faster— to have a professional look at the system, here are some key indicators the motor is the problem.

The Garage Door Opener Vibrates.

If you notice that the garage door opener is vibrating, it could very well be the motor inside causing the problem. When vibrations are strong, it can actually loosen the opener from its position. It is very important that if you notice strong vibrations that you have it serviced immediately.

Opener Makes Excessive Noise.

Garage door openers tend to have some sound when operating. Though in recent years, garage door openers have had more quiet operations, which is preferred. If your opener is making excessive noises, it might be coming from the motor inside the opener. When metal on metal is not lubricated or a part is broken, excessive noise can be a result.

The Garage Door Is Sluggish.

Does it seem like your garage door is moving slower than usual? If your garage door is sluggish, a garage door motor could be the case. If the motor is struggling, it will have a difficult time pulling the weight of the door. This can happen as a garage door motor and opener age. Replacing the motor may be the best fit for this particular situation.

The Garage Door Won’t Open.

If the garage door refuses to move at your request, the motor is likely the culprit. Though it can be other things like a faulty spring, the door being off the track, or issues with the cables, an older garage door motor shouldn’t be ruled out. If the garage door motor isn’t making any sounds, or it has excessive sounds combined with not being able to open the garage door, it is worth looking into.

Garage Door Medics is a top-rated garage door repair company based in San Diego. We are thrilled to have emergency garage door repair available throughout the area. Should your garage be stuck, be making excessive noise, or is sluggish to move up and down, give us a call.


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