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Full cast audio productions is an audiobook production service that uses multiple cast members, sound effects and theatrical audio to create immersive audiobooks and other audio productions for clients globally.
The company has produced over 100 audiobooks across a range of genres and has a range of narrators and voice actors available to bring life to your audiobook or audio project. We can support most core roles and accents with our breadth of talent, or source additional talent for you as required. We are a full-service company able to take a script from manuscript to mixdown. We can also provide marketing, consultation and other services.
We believe that audio is a powerful platform for sharing ideas and information and that single narration is often too limiting a format to do an audiobook justice and can bring life to many other projects from podcasts to corporate materials. We can also provide soundtracks to videos and other visual media, though we do not do any videography in house.
Our engagements operate on milestone based contracts with multiple rounds of edits to ensure satisfied clients. We phase milestones to ensure that our interests are aligned as we create a world-class production for you.
We have produced a range of productions including the popular Shakespeare for kids series and the collected Presidential speeches of Barack Obama. We can create engaging sound effects, find just the right bed to bring mood to a scene or chapter and have voice actors that can bring any script to life from educational books for kids to the words of an American President.
We are happy to quote on any project, offering a 48-hour turnaround on most quotes, and can produce audio content within 3 months on an expedited basis depending on the script involved, though most projects run closer to 6 months end-to-end. We can support casts of up to 20 for most projects, with our most versatile voice-actors often able to cover a range of smaller parts with different voices to expand the cast as required.
We have been producing audiobooks since 2016 and are based in Seattle, Washington with a distributed global team of talented professionals.
The key questions that enable us to provide you with a useful quote are as follows. Firstly, what is the length of your manuscript in words? This enables us to determine the likely final audio length of your production, which informs a number of budgetary estimates. Then how many characters are in your script. This then informs a number of decisions related to casting. Finally, though all our audiobooks are high-quality, we like to understand the need for sound effects and other mixing requirements that can impact production budgets. All our contracts allow for rounds of editing from the casting stage to competition to ensure that you are delighted with the final product.
We believe that audiobooks are a compelling medium and as the Audio Publishers Association has reported, the market is now over a billion dollars a year in the U.S. alone, with continued double-digit revenue growth. This creates an attractive setting for innovation with full cast audiobooks. The innovations in smart speakers have added to this trend in recent years and listeners say that narration quality is key to their listening experience. We believe that full cast productions with multiple narrators are the next stage in this journey.
We can produce audiobooks in the file requirements to meet your needs whether WAVs, MP3s or original project files, we can supply what you need to distribute to major platforms from Audible to iTunes and other independent distributors. We can also create unique material for your podcast or other corporate audio initiative.
We believe that audiobooks need not be an after thoughts after the book is published and can be a powerful and unique medium in themselves.


full cast Audiobooks
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