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There are several factors involved in deciding the aesthetics of your home’s roofing, and they include sizing, color, and shape. You can choose from a range of metal roofing to the industry standard three-dimensional asphalt shingles. Improving your home’s roof will add value to your property by increasing your home’s equity. One thing Temecula Commercial Roofing recommends is to keep in mind the load weight of your new roofing choice. The structural attributes will have to be reinforced or upgraded if you wish to put a more massive load on the current framing. Having a more substantial weight load will likely become an issue if you’re improving from asphalt shingles to Spanish tiling (for example). You’ll need to answer the following questions: If you have a Home Owner’s Association, what are the guidelines are for adding or replacing an existing roof? What are the maintenance requirements for the new roof you plan to have installed? Is there any performance changes in how well your new roof keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Does the price of the roof make sense from an estimated lifespan perspective? Once you have these answers, you’ll be able to make a well informed, intelligent decision about your next roofing purchase.


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