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The betta fish is really a fresh water (or tropical) fish. More specifically, bettas result from the tropical climates of southeast Asia inside countries of Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand. As pets, particular attention should be paid towards the environment where you place them which is an important part of betta fish care.

So, you really are a Betta fish owner, or are potential one. In my experience learning how to care for Betta fish, they are one with the most exciting and rewarding pets to possess. As colorful, beautiful, and interactive as they may be, they won’t last long without the proper care being given for many years. So whether you really are a veteran or even a brand-new Betta fish owner this guide serves to clear up misconceptions about these pets and provide you with solid advice so that your furry friend can live so long as (and happily) as possible.


I like betta fish!
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