Thinking with Type

Thinking with Type

A critical guide for designers, writers, editors, and students.

A new addition to our best selling series, Design Briefs, Thinking with Type is a straightforward primer that presents practical information about typographic design that can be immediately applied within the context of design history and theory. It is divided into three sections – letter, text, grid – each accompanied by an essay explaining key concepts, and then a set of practical demonstrations illustrating that material. The lessons of Thinking with Type are applicable to typographic design wherever it is practiced: printed materials of all kinds, Web sites, television screens. A companion Web site, will provide examples of design on screen, and provide other information (lesson plans, exercises) for readers and teaching professionals. Thinking with Type is a state-of-the-art pedagogical tool, that will be essential reading for students, teachers, and anyone else who wishes to improve or brush on their design skills.

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