A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop CS6 Tools – Part 2

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Md. Bakhtiar Uddin

Uddin, Md. Bakhtiar


The following tutorial going to illustrate 5 more Photoshop CS6’s tools we need to know. The post will cover lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, quick selection tool and magic wand tool. See and learn more here.. goo.gl/oBJkx4

Vincent, Robert


very nice works they have done, and uses of different photoshop tool shows in a very well way. Nice work man.

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Clipp Out Line

Clipp Out Line


Great tutorial and very easy to follow. I really like how you achieved the end result without a lot of effort. Thanks for sharing.

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Clipping Path House Graphics Media

Clipping Path House Graphics Media


Thanks for the tutorial about Photoshop CS6 tools. It will be a very handy resource for learners. I hope that you will continue sharing this type of resource.

We have a place where you can get various kind of Photoshop tutorials and photo editing tips and tricks: www.clippingpathhouse.com/blog

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