How to Remove Avast From Mac Os?

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How to uninstall

How to uninstall


Avast Software offers a number of security products for Windows and Mac OS X users that help protect computers against viruses, malware, and other types of security threats. Avast can be removed or uninstalled from your computer using traditional methods in Windows and Mac OS X, or by using avastclear, which is an uninstallation utility offered by Avast.

Removing Avast from iOS

1. Launch the Avast program you want to be removed from your computer.
2. Click on “Avast” and select Uninstall Avast.
3. When asked to confirm the uninstallation, click Uninstall.
4. If asked for authentication, enter the administrator Name and Password.
5. Click quit after the uninstallation is finished.

If you are still facing a problem regarding to uninstall avast. Contact us through our website at Uninstall Apps on Mac, we are happy to help you.

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