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Jim Morrison

Morrison, Jim


Hi there!

I’ll be living in Karlsruhe mid-september and looking for some work.
I’m from New Zealand, but I’m legal to work in Germany.

I’ve about 5 years experiance as a Graphic designer (illustrator, Photoshop), mainly for the Web (Flash, Dreamweaver & HTML/CSS), but print (Indesign) and motion graphics (After Effects, Final Cut) experiance as well.

The latest sites I’ve been working on are:
(worth a game if you get the chance)
(Memorial site for NZ soldiers)

Also a heap of flash banners (illustration & animation) & some recent identity work.

Most of all this I still have to put up on my portfolio site:
(its a repository bascially)

Previously I lived in Landau, Pfalz a couple of times, but returning to a larger city this time, knowing some more of the german language.

Mannheim (where I’ve worked previously), Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Ludwigshaven would all be fine I’m thinking. I don’t mind one hours train travel each day.

Even if you know of somebody, who knows of somebody, who might need somebody.. I’d be really appreciative if you could pass on my details. Anything to avoid ending up pouring beer in an irish pub. God help me.

my CV is available here:…/Jim_Morrison_Resume.pdf

Thanks for your help all.

[email address hidden]

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