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BonusBox GmbH



We are loyalty scheme that wants to give users badges for certain accomplishments. Therefore, we need to design 5 badges for each participating shop.

For each shop, we will define 5 levels and their name. Example: A shop for running shoes has 5 different badges:

1. The hate-sports guy
2. Hobby runner
3. Amateur runner
4. Professional runner
5. World class runner

Task is to design 5 badges of the size 60*60. Format should be jpeg or png and size should be smaller than 5 MB in total.

We currently need badges for 5 shops (e.g. 25 badges) and will need additional 25 badges each week from now on.

Please indicate a price for a badge set (i.e. 5 badges) and provide us with an example badge or badge set for the example listed above.

Designlizard Andrea Mangold

Andrea Mangold, Designlizard



I’m very interested in designing the abovementioned badges for your shop. I’m an illustrator and designer and have made several badges and icons in the style that you are asking for, currently working on app-designs for a museum guide.
I would like to know where to send my sample design as I don’t think it should be shown in public here.

Kind regards,

Andrea Mangold

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