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Dutch online marketplace for creative services wants to expand abroad.

This is a rare opportunity for an entrepreneurial person or company!

The company, an online marketplace for creative services, is live already in the Netherlands with a Dutch website.
The site matches demand and supply in the field of graphic design (logo/stationary), website design, ads etc. and is 100% internet based.

Now the technical part is done and the processes are optimized and are live in the Netherlands we would like to expand to India with the same concept.
We are searching for a commercial partner who is willing to conduct customer service and acquisition (both online and offline) in exchange for a share in the company’s and profit.
The more successful you are, the more you earn. (so there is no basic salary included).


  • Entrepreneurial
  • Experienced with internet and internet business
  • Fluently (mother tongue) in National Language
  • Good in English
  • Good network (skills)
  • Experienced in design/media is a pre
  • Small investment as goodwill and to cover local setup-costs needed

We offer:

  • Unique possibility to join a very promising business
  • Share in company/profits.
  • Strategic assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • Be part of international network which enables cross-border business

If this all suits your ambitions and profile, please contact us through [email address hidden]

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