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Circa 77 Design


my god i feel almost special being the 2nd

oh well


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Rays Photography Services


Hi, thanks 😀 )

I’ll echo that, now, 3 is supposed to be a lucky number! Hmm, i’m dreaming of the lottery already…

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Hello there,

The Wolf says hey and welcomes/begruesst “ Das Auge“ in the.com level

Well I guess as number „4“ I’m not guaranteed a spot on the podium 😉

Best wishes and good luck in the future

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I am sure this forum will start to pick up VERY soon. Glad to be one of the first.

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Jim Morrison

Morrison, Jim


I’ve been struggling through understanding this site in German since I found it about a year ago.
Now I can Really use it properly and I’m so impressed with the whole thing.
Such a smooth interface, really fast over dial-up here in New Zealand (looking for a job for when I get back to Germany), really happy I can access all the functioality of searching German jobs from the english interface, Postcode distance function is wonderful considering I never know how far away the other towns and cities are over there.

And now I’m a first english forum poster..!

I’ve just revisited after about 6 months away and was by pure chance that the english version was running.

Anyhow.. enough of my talk.
Thanks dasauge!

Paul Bonomo

Bonomo, Paul


Hi all,

I’m new to the site and was wondering if this is a good place for a freelance musician to find work. I’m interested in studio session work, syncing, and commercial/soundtrack production. This seems like a all visual and graphic design here. or maybe I haven’t looked deeper. Any help is appreciated or maybe I can be pointed in a better direction.

Thank everyone!

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Phyllis Moonlady

Moonlady, Phyllis


I’d like to 2nd Jim Morrison’s words. Now dasauge is an international site with a forum in English.
I too appreciate this portal immensely. Happy posting fellow creative people.

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