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ESDIP Berlin

ESDIP Berlin


Have you ever wanted to print an image but didn’t have any press? By this workshop you will learn how to make a print using different techniques, without the use of any press! You will learn how to do monotyping and relief printing and we will make an approach to the art of Japanese printing.


  • Gravers
  • Papers (Japanese and standard papers)
  • Matrixes (plywood, linoleum, acetates)
  • Printing inks (offset and water-based)
  • Rollers
  • Spoon
  • Baren
  • Other materials (spatulas, wipes, inking moving surface, etc.).


1st session:

  • Presentation of the contents of the workshop.
  • Short introduction to the theoretical basics of printmaking, specifically monotyping and relief printing (with an approach to Japanese printing).
  • Making a simple monotype printing (demonstration and practice).
  • Making a colour and mixed media monotype, printed with spoon or baren (demonstration and practice.).

2nd session:

  • Making a relief print from a matrix made of plywood and/or linoleum (demonstration and practice).
  • Developing of personal projects regarding the contents of the workshop.

Note: It is not necessary to prepare in advance any project for this workshop, but if they have any particular image, participants can bring their own sketches in order to get advice on how to print from them.


Saturday 3 & Sunday 4
10.00am – 12:30pm

ESDIP Berlin
Grünbergerstr 48
10245 Berlin

The workshop is divided into two sessions of 2 ½ hours on a weekend, but it can be extended if participants wish to deepen on the practice of printing without press.

2 DAYS (5 hours) – 62,5€
(+ 19% taxes= 74,38€)
Materials are included.

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Freya Henry

Henry, Freya


I love reading through your post, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wish you best of luck for all your best efforts.

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