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Diode is a modular geometric type system developed by MuirMcNeil, a London-based graphic design studio working in visual identity, brand communications, and typography, in collaboration with Natasha Lucas. The Diode project began as one of a series of visual experiments examining the interdependence of positive and negative spaces in typographic forms, a feature that Lucas had first begun to investigate in her Bisect type system, published by MuirMcNeil in 2018. These explorations are a part of a… learn more

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Now, please follow me

The publication Now, please follow me – Eine kritische Designforschung is now available at Slanted Shop. Critical design is a form of design research in which the designer has a fundamentally critical attitude towards society as well as with regards to his or her own discipline. The resulting design objects are supposed to stimulate reflection and create a critical awareness, but also corresponding changes in current social practices are intended. Critical design is able to solve social problems… learn more

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Pictograms, Signs of Life, Emojis: The Society of Signs

This event is a digital evening of lectures in conjunction with the exhibition Pictograms, Signs of Life, Emojis: The Society of Signs at Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Düren and Museum of Modern Art Freiburg. The digital lecture evening starts with an introduction to the content and design of the exhibition and publication project Pictograms, Signs of Life, Emojis: The Society of Signs. All lectures will be held in German for free on Zoom. In the planned lectures, five designers and artists will provide… learn more

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Online Exhibition „Like Fish in the Sea“

Nearly 40 Hungarian artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and animation directors displayed how they perceive the freelancing lifestyle in the online exhibition Like Fish in the Sea.  The event was organized by Balka and was presented at Budapest Design Week. The title of the project derives from a Hungarian proverb which roughly translates to „sound as a roach“ meaning someone feels alright and lives a carefree life. Being a freelancer or having a small company in the cultural and creative… learn more

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Disruptive Type

Disruptive Type is a new virtual exhibition space showcasing the amazing variety of letterforms within the disruptive culture amongst contemporary type designers. The work of eleven contemporary (collaborative) typefaces of talented type designers is shown. Because of his deep fascination for letterforms and their variety, Copenhagen based designer Jonas Baun Andersen initiated the project in order to create a new community amongst designers highlighting the disruptive nature of contemporary type… learn more

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Focus Ex

Focus Ex is a tool that helps users to read digital texts. It was primarily designed based on the needs of people with ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the collective term for a group of neurological symptoms causing much difficulty in everyday functioning. One of the most characteristic symptoms of ADHD is the difficulty to maintain focus, especially during reading. The new extension helps filter out distracting factors, divides the textual content and replaces the font settings of… learn more

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Social Awareness Posters

The project SOCIAL AWARENESS POSTERS started in April 2020, during the first world wide wave of Corona Virus. Besides a few other designers, artist Mirko Ilić showed his work to raise awareness about the Corona Virus. Messages of safety guidelines, messages of support and generalized encouragement where shown on digital billboards around New York. After the images were prominently displayed, Ilić wanted his Awareness Poster to appear in less official settings, so they could get more attention from… learn more

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Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Stuttgart

What counts as art in public space and what does not? To what extent does this influence or change our social life? Who may exhibit when and where? These question are becoming evermore relevant, in times when museums and galleries are closed and  exhibited art changes to different places. Stuttgart already has an extraordinarily high number of publicly accessible works of art by regional, national, and international artists. However, these works are only insufficiently accessible to the public. The… learn more

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A is A is A

When it comes to analyzing typography it is not only about serif or sans serif, alternating strokes, their widths, proportionality or equal thickness, round or angular shape parts (e.g. or the axial position of single letters, it is also about taking a closer look into the DNA of a typeface. The exhibition A is A is A shows such visual research projects concentrating on even the smallest but also most interesting parts of typography. Marcello Jacopo Biffi teamed with Marsèll Paradise in Milan to… learn more

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Just like in music, great rhythm of typefaces is essential. Great rhythm feels tight and professional, while bad rhythm appears too bad for readability. Rhythm does not have to be rigid and just like any rule can be bent or broken. Great examples of odd rhythms would be how The Beatles used shifting meters in Strawberry Fields, and quintuple meters in Within You, Without You. You can dive into music theory later, for now let’s just stick to typography. Troptical is a hypnotic, energetic… learn more

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Bureau Populaire

When in May 1968, art students, painters from outside the university and striking workers decided to permanently occupy the art school in order to produce posters that would „give concrete support to the great movement of the workers on strike who are occupying their factories in defiance of the Gaullist government,“ the posters of the Atelier Populaire started a revolution. With the fictitiously founded Bureau Populaire —for indirect democracy through online petitions—graphic designer and art director… learn more

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TDC Launches TDC67 and 24TDC Awards

Established in 1946 in New York, The Type Directors Club —the world’s leading typography organization—celebrates and amplifies the power of typography and serves as a global community united by the shared belief that type drives culture and culture drives type. This year marks the first editions of  typography awards competitions since the announcement of TDC’s merger with The One Club for Creativity, the world’s foremost nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and celebrate the global… learn more

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Catalog of Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2020

Although the end of the year 2020 is turbulent, book lovers in Germany are lucky that the most beautiful German books were once again chosen by the Stiftung Buchkunst (Book Art Foundation). This year’s award ceremony also saw the presentation of the annual catalog of Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2020, designed and implemented by the team from Bureau Est, based in Leipzig and Paris, in collaboration with the film and photography duo Choreo. In order to create greater visibility for the award winners… learn more

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