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15+ Best iOS App Templates (IPhone & Mobile Design Templates) 2020

Today we’re bringing you a collection of the best iOS app templates with modern and creative designs to help you find complete pre-built app solutions for your projects. Whether you’re working on iOS app design for a startup, eCommerce store, website, or even making your own app to sell on the App Store, you’ll find plenty of fully coded app designs and concepts in this collection. The best part is you can download and use each template on this list to quickly get started on your app designs. Some… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Absolute Egypt

Absolute Egypt book is a documentation of the local visual culture through the lens of graphic design in the local older areas of Cairo and takes the reader on a tour in our local streets by presenting a collection of its most mesmerizing vernacular graphic designs. The book was originally Moataz’s bachelor thesis in the German University in Cairo. Then after the completion of the bachelor, the book underwent further refinement for almost two years, under the supervision of lecturer Philipp Paulsen… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

50 Best Website Color Schemes of 2020

Does it ever seem like certain website color schemes just get all the attention? As with every other aspect of web design, there are color schemes that tend to trend more than others. Bright colors, stark palettes, and even some mismatching schemes are elements of color that are trending. Here’s a look at some of the best website color schemes of 2020 (in no particular order). For each, we’re also sharing the color codes that make up the key elements of the design, so it’s easy to play around with these… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

Userback: Get Immediate and Visual Feedback

We all know that collecting user feedback can make design projects better. But how many of us are actually using tools to gather and analyze that information to make better decisions? If your stumbling block is finding the right tool, we have found it. Userback is a tool that helps you gather visual feedback for projects. You can see what users see when they look at a website with fast feedback and a robust set of tools to help you make smarter design choices. The tool is designed to work with small… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

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