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TYPEONE Magazine—Issue 01

2020 has been a crazy year. But, thanks to all the amazing talent of the design community, it has also been visually breathtaking. From the influx in experimental serifs to the development of stunning new type systems, a tonne of incredible, unique branding and identity projects to fun lockdown experiments, designers, and creatives from all over the world presented their talent, visions, and their dreams. Finally, also the universe of publications is delighted with another gem— TYPEONE Magazine—Issue 01… learn more

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50+ Best Condensed & Narrow Fonts of 2021

Contrary to popular belief, condensed and narrow fonts don’t make your text cramped or crowded. You just have to know the appropriate time and place to use the font. Condensed fonts are widely used these days for headlines and portraying bold messages, and when deployed in the right place, they can give stunning impact! It takes a lot of testing and experimenting to find the perfect font for a design, but our tips for choosing and working with condensed and narrow fonts will help get you off to a great… learn more

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8 Best Code Editors for Designers in 2021 (Free & Premium)

Having at least a basic understanding of coding is an important skill that every designer should have. Knowing your way around website design, HTML, and CSS will help you stand out among other designers. Even if you’re a graphic designer working on print designs, you’ll never know if or when you’ll land a high-paying job to design a website or even parts of a website. Having some front-end design skills will definitely help advance your career as well. The process of learning front-end design and… learn more

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Get Online Fast With the Duda Website Builder

Get ready to create a website in half the time it takes to build a WordPress site. Seriously! The Duda website builder is a professional-level tool that can help you get online fast, with all the performance and search engine optimization capability you need. Here’s a look at Duda and everything the web design platform offers, including the key features, pricing, and more. What is Duda? Duda is a super-fast website builder. The platform is optimized for speed for every step along the… learn more

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Little People, BIG DREAMS

Had enough of fictional stories about firefighters, dinos, pink pigs and princesses? Instead, real stories from real life that give children courage and at the same time convey sometimes complex situations in a simple and child-friendly way? Then the children’s book series Little People, BIG DREAMS from Insel Verlag is just the thing, now translated from Spanish and English for the first time and thus also made accessible to a German-speaking audience. Each book tells of an impressive life story of… learn more

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25+ Best Geometric Fonts 2021 (Free & Premium)

There are many different types of fonts out there. One that stands out the most is geometric fonts. They are the fonts you look for when you want to create text with precision. Geometric fonts have letter designs crafted to perfection. Featuring accurate designs that consist of shapes and lines made with proper measurement. They are a perfect example of professional fonts with creative designs. If you’re wondering what a geometric font looks like, you don’t have to look far. In this post, we cover some… learn more

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15+ Best YouTube End Screen Templates for 2021

The related video suggestions panel on YouTube is one of the most effective tactics the platform uses to get users to watch hours of content at a time. It’s part of the reason why YouTube is so addictive. With the help of YouTube end screen templates, you can leverage this same tactic to grow your own YouTube channel. And to get your audience to watch more of your videos and grow subscriber numbers through the roof. YouTube end screen templates allow you to add beautifully designed screens at the end… learn more

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Design Trend: Imagery Without People

Where did all the people go? In the same way streets are a little less crowded, so are design projects. It’s a design trend that’s rooted in practicality – what kind of imagery is appropriate in the world we live in now? With so many rules and changing norms, the easy answer can be to eliminate images that focus on people and faces altogether. And while it is a little different than what we might be used to, it’s not a bad solution to a current design problem. It’s also something you can probably deploy… learn more

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100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz

Who hasn’t already heard from one of the most important competitions for graphic designers with a passion for extraordinary posters, shouldn’t miss the following information, which were published only recently. In about four weeks the competition of the 100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz will start, and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic plays with color and typography artistry, the visionary illustrations and stunning graphic design. When graphic worlds of ideas in a wide variety… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Lara Zettl |

In a radical envisioning of our present moment, the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design launched the digital platform, the school’s 2020 graduation show. Starting November 12th, 2020 and throughout January 2021, projects by the students take over a TV studio inside the University building, from where projects, narratives, fictions and speculations are broadcast to the world. Uniting art, theory and design in a transdisciplinary approach, the graduation show takes on a new dimension… learn more

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EDCH Talks

Magazines thrive—despite having a hard time during the virus—among other things because they aspire to emphasis „The Act of Nevertheless.“ This means that magazines and their creators design against resistance, meanwhile provoke it, and in doing so repeatedly creating new approaches to familiar topics, but equally surprising insights into the evermore unexpected. With a simple idea the EDCH Talks bring together leading editorial designers and design magazine makers with protagonists from the design… learn more

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25+ Best Affinity Designer Templates & Assets 2021 (Free & Premium)

Affinity Designer is one of the most comprehensive graphics editing software available today. And it’s the best Adobe Illustrator alternative you could find. Today, we’re bringing you a handpicked collection of those amazing Affinity Designer templates and Affinity Designer assets. The software is affordable, supports a wide variety of file types, and very beginner-friendly. The community for Affinity Designer is growing. Many marketplaces are now listing templates, textures, icon packs, and other… learn more

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30+ Best Free Google Slides Themes & Templates 2021

Google Slides is one of the best tools for creating presentation slideshows, especially with the number of free Google Slides themes and templates available. It has quickly gone from being a free PowerPoint alternative to become the go-to app for creating professional slideshows. Another great thing about Google Slides is templates. With a great Google Slides theme or template, you can instantly craft a beautiful presentation in just a few minutes without expert design skills. Today we wanted to show… learn more

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The 10 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac (2021)

You don’t have to use Adobe Photoshop on your Mac to edit images like a pro. There are plenty of Photoshop alternatives for Mac that you can download or use in-browser to create just the right images and graphics for your projects. And some of them are completely free! None of these are necessarily one-size-fits-all solutions. Each tool tends to serve a specific purpose; Do you want to edit online or on a desktop? Are you editing photos or multiple file types? Is all the work for web or will images get… learn more

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100+ Best Modern Serif Fonts 2021

It’s time to delve into a collection of the best beautiful, modern serif fonts. Serif fonts are ideal for printed literature, detailed typography, or for creating a more formal effect. And these popular serif fonts really stand out from the crowd. We’ve gathered more than 100 of the best modern serif fonts that you can quickly start using in your work. You’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make to your design project, compared to the more generic system fonts that get all too commonly used… learn more

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