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Urban Beauties Exhibition

For years, photographer Jürgen Altmann only used them as backgrounds for his narrative worlds with models, musicians or athletes: urban situations that—planned or coincidentally—have developed their own aesthetics. In his photo series „Urban Beauties“ they now play the main role: urban „non-locations“ such as parking lots, bridges, underpasses or even temporary installations that are in the urban space arise and disappear around us almost every day. This is how Altmann shows with his calm, but colorful… learn more

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Design Trend: Liquid Animation in Web Design

Delightful design accents can be one of those things that creates an unexpected user experience that keeps visitors on your website. A trending technique that does exactly this is the use of liquid animation in web design. What’s great about his trend is that you can use it in so many different ways to create an interface that works with your content. Here, we’re going to look at various examples of this trend and how you can make it work for you. (Make sure to click through the examples to get a good… learn more

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20+ Best Microsoft Word Letterhead Templates (Free & Premium)

Creating a letterhead is more than just copy-and-pasting a logo into a blank document. It needs to represent your brand and match the brand identity. If you don’t have time or the money to design a professional letterhead, then use a letterhead template! In this post, we feature a collection of the best letterhead templates for Microsoft Word. These templates feature designs made by professionals. They are fully customizable as well. All you have to do is open the template in MS Word and start editing… learn more

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Brand Design Master Class

The Brand Design Master Class will give an exclusive look on the rebranding of Volkswagen and how to shape a mobility brand for the digital society. KMS TEAM, Blackspace, Consileon, MetaDesign, MetaSpaces, Progenium, Schmidhuber, SinnerSchrader, and S12 will give a 360 degree experience of the Volkswagen New Brand Design. They will show how they worked with new agile, networked working processes in the Powerhouse to develop, discuss, document and implement the new Volkswagen brand design in the record… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— kmsteam | 

60+ Beautiful, Premium PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PowerPoint presentations, love them or hate them, are an essential part of today’s corporate world. Whether for business use or design purposes, the look-and-feel of your PowerPoint presentation can make a tremendous difference in how impressively your pitch comes across. To help out with making your next PowerPoint presentation particularly impressive, we have searched the internet for professional and elegant PowerPoint templates that you can easily apply to your work. We’ve also collected a series… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Typeface of the Month: NewsSans

Our Typeface of the Month: NewsSans is a multi-tool typeface system incorporating no fewer than 90 styles. It was designed to allow a maximum range of visual shades when creating a typographic look, effortlessly ranging from loud and expressive, to subtle and reserved. The large x-height combined with low ascenders and descenders allows for tight and efficient designs. All sharp corners were trimmed off to add character and a nuance of extra space. NewsSans’ strokes link humanist curves with „American… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

5 Tips for Creating a Web Form That Converts

Your web form might look good, but does it convert? A high-converting web form is a must if you want to capture user information, build a subscription list, or create a quick checkout experience. It isn’t enough just to have a form that looks inviting. It needs to function well! Users are getting more and more spoiled to well-designed and functioning forms, leaving little room for those that are clunky, awkward, or just don’t quite work. So how do you do it? Here are five tips for creating a web form… learn more

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Slanted × Kickstarter Mentoring & Publishing Program

International design magazine Slanted &  Kickstarter  are teaming up to launch an open-call for graphic designers, typographers, photographers, illustrators, editors, and art directors who seek funding for a project in the wider field of print publications in 2020. This spring, 10 selected candidates will receive one-on-one mentoring sessions with Kickstarter’s team to help them successfully build & promote their campaign, as well as editorial and promotional support on Kickstarter and Slanted… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Betti Nowak | 

17. Tag der Schrift

On April 4th, 2020, the 17. Tag der Schrift will take place in Zürich. The event will be opened by Jonas Schudel of the Schule für Gestaltung Zürich and will be moderated by Dominique Kerber. The program is divided into two parts: In the morning there will be lectures. After the break around noon there will be workshops on various topics by the speakers. Slanted is offering one ticket for the 17. Tag der Schrift (Lectures and Workshop). To take part in the lottery, please send an email with the… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Baltus Salzwedel | 

40+ Best Social Media Kit Templates & Graphics

Are you working on crafting a content plan to promote your brand and business on social media? Then these social media kits and templates will help you design amazing graphics for your social media campaigns like a pro. Preparing content for your social media promotions is a time-consuming process that most social media managers and marketers have to deal with. But don’t worry. You can use these social media kits and graphics templates designed by professionals to quickly edit and use with your own… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

10 Most Impressive Product Label Designs of All Time

As the retail industry continues to grow, businesses need to find new ways to make their products stand out. There are countless products that come and go from the shelves. And any design could end up looking stale when everything else looks the same. How do you earn a place in the consumer’s mind? It’s a combination of diligent market research, professional design, and a strong dose of inspiration. Or simply put, hire a label and sticker printing company to get the job done. Are these designs the… learn more

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30+ Best Animated Keynote Templates With Stylish Transitions

A great way to make your Keynote slideshow more attractive is to use animation effects. With just a few entrance animations or transition effects, you can instantly make your presentation look more professional. However, it takes a lot of configuring and testing to figure out the right animations for each and every slide in your presentation. If you’re in a rush to finish up a presentation, there won’t be any time to play around with animation effects and transitions. We found a solution to this… learn more

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„Was macht eigentlich …?“ Exhibition

In 2010, designer Chris Campe photographed over 1,000 store signs in Hamburg and published a typographic portrait of the city in the book „Hamburg Alphabet.“ But the city is changing rapidly. That’s why Chris Campe photographed the signs and their locations again ten years after the book was published. An updated new edition of the „Hamburg Alphabet“ will be published in a limited edition of 250 copies to accompany the „Was macht eigentlich …?“ Exhibition at Enfants Artspace. „Was macht eigentlich… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Chris Campe | 

Design Trend: Designing for Dark Mode

Dark mode has been growing in popularity. Most phone and tablet interfaces have the option for users to switch to a dark, rather than the standard light default, color scheme. Most users have a distinct preference as to whether to use dark or light user interfaces. That’s why more designers are adding a dark mode option to their projects. And while it can be a little more work and a lot to think about, it can help create a stronger connection and element of personalization for users. Here’s more… learn more

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Mia Seeger Prize

The Mia Seeger Prize goes into the next round: student works can be submitted until 17th of April, 2020. Then the six-member jury (which will be announced soon) will meet to discuss and evaluate all the works and award prizes to the best ones. Thanks to the support of the Hans Schwörer Foundation and the German Design Council, a total of 10,000 euros will be awarded. In addition, all participants will be given the opportunity to take part in a one-day workshop that will provide information on… learn more

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