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20+ Best Wedding Photoshop Actions

Adding stylish effects to wedding photos (such as retro, rustic, and moody filters) is a popular trend these days. One of the easiest ways to add this type of effect to your photos is with these—our picks of the best wedding Photoshop actions! Whether you’re trying to improve your own wedding photos before uploading them to social media and your wedding website or you’re a freelance designer/photographer working on a whole bunch of wedding photo albums, these Photoshop actions will definitely come in… learn more

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Adapter World

Adapter World is a design program involving an international team of designers and consultants who work with Rosetta Type Foundry to provide a modern, coherent, and reliable design for a wide range of the world’s languages. Adapter follows a number of successful multi-script font releases including Skolar, Skolar Sans, and Nassim and collaborations with global clients such as the BBC, LG, and Google. Adapter already supports languages using Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Greek scripts. Adapter’s language… learn more

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Design Trend: Neumorphism

Is the next big thing in website and app design neumorphism? It’s a design trend (named as a mashup of the words new and skeuomorphism) that’s growing in popularity. People seem to either love it or hate it, but it’s interesting enough that Cult of Mac recently pushed an article posing the question: „Is neumorphism the big new look for iOS 14?“ We won’t know the answer for a little while yet, but the trend is gaining traction, particularly on Dribbble, where we see many design trends launch. Here’s… learn more

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Typotable No.5

Typotable No.5 —Lettering meets Lettering is part of the independent lecture series Typotable, where current type design and typography positions are shown and discussed. The lectures are held by established type and graphic designers as well as by young designers and students. The two lettering artists Chris Campe and Mark van Leeuwen present their diverse projects and provide deep insights into drawing and the digitization of letters, letterings and complex artworks. The spectrum ranges from self… learn more

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7 New & Modern Color Trends 2020

Color is the main component of every design. Even though it may seem like colors always remain the same, it’s actually something that is everchanging. And as a result, it makes way for new color trends every year. In fact, Pantone recently introduced a whopping 294 new colors. According to the company, these colors were invented to fit in with modern trends and to appeal to the new generations. If you’re preparing to start a new design project, staying up-to-date on the latest trends is important… learn more

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20+ Best InDesign Newsletter Templates (Free & Premium)

Newsletters are an important part of every company. It’s an effective way of staying in touch with customers, clients, and even investors. However, designing the perfect newsletter can be a challenging task. But now, thanks to pre-made newsletter templates, the process is much easier. There’s no need to hire design agencies or spend weeks crafting designs. Newsletter templates come with complete designs made by professionals. We’ve found a few of those amazing newsletter templates for you. In this… learn more

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Karl-Heinz Drescher—Berlin Typo Poster, Texts, and Interviews

Karl-Heinz Drescher (born on October 7, 1936 in Quirl; died on May 19, 2011 in Berlin) was a graphic artist working at Bertolt Brecht’s world famous theater Berliner Ensemble as a graphic designer for almost 40 years. In addition to his work at this house, Drescher also worked for other organizers, museums, galleries, and theaters, amongst others the Akademie der Künste der DDR, the Maxim-Gorki-Theater, and the Deutsche Staatsoper in Berlin. His catalog of works today comprises over 400 posters, about one… learn more

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50+ Best CV & Resume Templates 2020

A first impression can either make or break your chance of landing a dream job. So choosing one of the best resume templates can give you a fantastic head start. These modern CV templates for Word, Pages, and InDesign are the perfect starting point for creating your new and improved resume! These beautifully designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd, help you showcase the right skills, and improve your chances of landing the job. Some of the templates are free, and others cost a… learn more

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The Other Side: An Emotional Map of Brexit Britain

Revealing the crucial role of visual communication before, during and after the EU referendum, The Other Side: An Emotional Map of Brexit Britain is the latest book from GraphicDesign&. It acts as a timely primer for international readers, going beyond the divisive rhetoric specific to Brexit to highlight the failures of communication that have led us to where we are today—failures to communicate political complexity, to speak for communities, and now to reach out to each other. Presented as a… learn more

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20 Stylish Poster Color Schemes

When it comes to designing a poster, a stylish color scheme can go a long way to bringing attention to the design. From bright colors and unusual combinations, to subtle and understated, this is a space where almost anything goes. Here, we’re diving into some super cool color schemes that you can use in poster design, sharing the hex codes for each poster color scheme to get you started. Plus, each example is actually available as a template as well, if you want to jump start your design and use any… learn more

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50+ Best Photoshop Actions of 2020

Adobe Photoshop Actions are a great feature of the app, allowing you to create a process or workflow, record how it worked, and then easily repeat the process again for other photographs or design elements. Today we’ve collected some of the best Photoshop actions out there, for photographers and graphic designers alike. They cost just a few dollars but give you an incredibly powerful toolkit to easily repeat complex and intricate processes. What Are Photoshop Actions? Actions is a useful tool… learn more

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UXPin: A Complete Design & Prototyping Solution

Every web and user experience designer has their own favorite prototyping tool. One that helps give life to their ideas as easily as possible. Today we introduce you to a new prototyping tool that unites all types of designers as one. Unlike most other apps and software that are limited to one platform or one license, this prototyping tool lets you use it on any computer and access your projects anywhere you want. And it’s called UXPin. In this review, we take a closer look at UXPin to see how it can… learn more

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Berlin Letters Festival 2020

Berlin Letters Festival 2020 is a festival for lettering, type design, calligraphy and sign painting. Three days of inspiration, fun and skill share with talks of more than 25 international speakers, 10 excellent workshops and 250 participants from all letter shaping disciplines. Slanted is offering 1 ticket for the Berlin Letters Festival. To take part in the lottery, please send an email with the subject „Berlin Letters 2020“ to until March 11th, 2020, 11 a.m. (UTC+1) and add… learn more

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30+ Bold & Free Script Fonts

Today we’re featuring some of the best free script fonts from across the web. We’ve hand-picked bold script fonts with impact, that can be a stand-out choice for your next project. Fonts don’t always need to be expensive. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the fonts in this collection are actually free to use. We handpicked these bold script fonts from all around the web, so be sure to check the license and attribution details before using them with your client and commercial projects. Before we… learn more

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Cali Chronicles

In his new book Cali Chronicles, the photographer Tobias Bärmann set out in search for the hidden sides of Los Angeles, famed City of Dreams. He traversed the gigantic metropolis, designed to accommodate cars, on a bicycle. By slowing down one’s gaze, he unfolds an aesthetics of transition and incompletion beneath the city’s glamorous surface. Many of the motifs are evidence of the bygone actions of unknown protagonists. With a keen eye for the poetry of the ephemeral and supposedly trivial, Bärmann… learn more

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