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Today, we would like to put TypeTogether, founded by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, who met while completing their Master’s degrees in type design at University of Reading in the spotlight: Whether for screens or in print, the TypeTogether type foundry specializes in creating multiscript editorial fonts for the general public as well as custom typefaces for discerning clients. They are one of the leaders in instituting the variable font format alongside the usual OpenType and TrueType formats… learn more

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3rd Session TypeTech MeetUp 2020/21

At the end of the week will take place the 3rd Session TypeTech MeetUp 2020/21 — Tools and Collaborative Type Design. Starting this Friday, June 18th, 2021 starting at 4:30 p.m. (CET). TTM’s new online format spans a ten-month period and is divided into four sessions, each focused on a specific topic. Every evening is structured in two parts. The first part will include three presentations, each followed by a short break to get to know each other. Part two will be a facilitated discussion session… learn more

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Makers Bibles: München and Voralpen

Today is a perfect day to browse our  Slanted Shop and discover new publications. Therefore we would like to present you Makers Bibles: München and Voralpen — Handgemachte Qualität, which are worth a look: Makers Bible München The Makers Bible München is a guide about makers & crafters, Händler Gastgeber (engl.: retailers and restaurants). The publication will be published in German language and contains a large number of real craftsmen and craftswomen who still produce in their city. The… learn more

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DIN—A Basicly Podcast

Let us introduce you to DIN— A Basicly Podcast initiated by students at the Berlin University of the Arts. What exactly are the basics? And who decides what is fundamental? Based on these and other questions, the student-podcast DIN looks at the personal, social, and political consequences of the fundamentals in art and design. Together with their guests from fields of science, teaching, and practice, DIN combines both theoretical and practical perspectives to form possible constellations around… learn more

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Ou(te)r Space: Course as Collective Manifesto

Full of new visual ideas, bursting with young dynamism: Ou(te)r Space: Course as Collective Manifesto — By Jeremiah Chiu is now available at  Slanted Shop! Ou(te)r Space: Course as Collective Manifesto — By Jeremiah Chiu contains the work of 21 high school students that participated in the (virtual) Graphic Design section at Otis College of Art & Design’s Summer of Art in July of 2020. The month-long course, led by Jeremiah Chiu, was proposed to the students as a four-part experimental and… learn more

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Yearbook 2020: In limbo

We’d like to present you the Yearbook 2020: In limbo of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design! The ninth edition of the y earbook of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is dedicated to the main topic „In limbo“ and thus describes the state and feeling that has accompanied the artschool since last spring. On more than 150 pages as well as with digitally available contributions, it is presented how the Corona pandemic has changed the everyday life of the… learn more

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Porto Design Biennale 2021

The program for the Porto Design Biennale 2021 (PDB’2021) — Second Edition is closed. Taking place between June 2nd to July 25th in the cities of Porto and Matosinhos, the event will organize more than 49 activities that aim to stimulate the interest of design in promoting new discourses and practices that can integrate the prospective capacity of the discipline to outline innovative solutions for collective problems. Exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and publications make up the programmatic… learn more

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FOTODOKS: Festival for Contemporary Documentary Photography

From today for four weeks, the FOTODOKS: Festival for Contemporary Documentary Photography — A house is a house is a house will present its tenth edition:  A group exhibition with an interdisciplinary accompanying program and an extensive publication. Together, the contributions reflect the current understanding of home. Twelve photo projects, often developed over many years and shaped by personal experience, and the multi-perspective festival program with lectures, readings, and discussions, open up… learn more

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Secrets are heavy to carry around—that’s why LOQI teamed up with Stockholm-based creative agency SNASK who created a bold collection of bags, zip pockets, weekenders and laptop covers. Use the discount code  LOQIxSLANTED  to receive 10% discount on all LOQI products online, valid until 07/31/2021! Check it out! SNASK is your future romance. A creative agency of misfit geniuses conquering the world through fine lookin’ design and real emotions. They seek to challenge conservative frameworks and they… learn more

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Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn

There aren’t many bands that are as strongly associated with a certain aesthetic as Depeche Mode. No wonder, this timeless, melancholic look has been created by Dutch photographer, film director and video director Anton Corbijn since the 80s and has contributed to the band’s casual and cool look ever since. The 512-page book Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn  is not the first to reveal this liaison, but with more than 500 photographs, many still unpublished, from Corbijn’s private archive, his handwritten… learn more

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UNICEF: History of a Logo

From the child drinking milk to the mother lifting her child: The UNICEF logo has changed a lot over the past 75 years since UNICEF was founded. Therefore we would like to take you on a little discovery tour of how their logo has evolved over the years: UNICEF: History of a Logo. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential, from early childhood through adolescence… learn more

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Typeface of the Month: West

Another month, another typeface for that month! We are happy to present our new Typeface of the Month: West by Fontwerk! The following geometric shapes: square, circle, and triangle, often fascinate creatives, not least those who design typefaces. It’s therefore hardly surprising that many fonts that are rooted in these classical forms look rather similar. Although the construction of West follows in the same geometric tradition, it achieves independence and its own distinct character. It has a… learn more

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Three Best Branding Tips From Lovework Studio

Did you ever wanted to create a brand strategy that resonates and a brand identity that cuts through? To deep dive into Branding? Robyn & Campbell Butler invite you to their three-week Branding NOW online course from June 3rd until June 24th, 2021. Apply until May 31st, to get your Special Offer! Branding is more than just crafting logos and typefaces. According to Lovework Studio, brands need to go further than that. To give you a taste, we would like to present Three Best Branding Tips… learn more

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Lottery: Arpona Sans Family

Take your chance to take part in the Lottery: Arpona Sans Family — By Floodfonts Arpona Sans is a contemporary sans serif family inspired by the work of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill for London Underground. As well as its serif companion Arpona it is a symbiosis of different design concepts. Arpona Sans combines the aesthetics of a geometric Sans with the usefulness of the humanist concept and the calm of the modernist proportions. Arpona Sans is a good choice for editorial design, branding… learn more

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cache 01: Gegen|Wissen

How can the social dimension of Open Access in the humanities be strengthened? What kind of stories would arise if the individual caches, the places for unfinished things in everyday research, were interconnected? cache is a series and publishing tool for research groups examining exactly that. It enables research collectives to work together on a topic, to arrange source material associatively and to publish books generatively and as open access on a website. The resulting series is a mixture of a… learn more

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