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Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions

The board game Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions  is now available at  Slanted Shop, ready to be played by you! While writing the journalistic novel, Beyond Design: Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful, Renate Boere discovered ten steps that can be taken in order to set up one’s own project. These steps allow designers to render complicated information transparent and understandable for a wider audience. Boere wanted to make this easily accessible and transformed these ten steps… learn more

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No Waste Challenge

The No Waste Challenge presented by What Design Can Do and the IKEA Foundation is now open for submissions! You can submit your work until April 20th, 2021.  This January, WDC D  an international organization that uses the power of design and creativity to transform society, launched the No Waste Challenge. This new global design competition is tackling the massive problem of waste and consumerism— asking creatives to come up with bold solutions. C reatives from around the world are… learn more

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Cihan Tamti — Breakout

We are very happy about today’s release Cihan Tamti — Breakout – 100 Posters Book, that gives you a glimpse into the creative brain of the designer, a boost of ideas, and inspiration for eye-catching design. Cihan Tamti started treating Instagram like a graphic design gym, and worked on designing a poster every day. Without constraints, he was able to experiment, often creating work that no normal agency would approve. Such freedom of approach allowed him to develop designs with strong, experimental… learn more

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The new Grafikmagazin is out now and proves: Print is not dead! Grafikmagazin, as the name proposes, is a German-language design magazine aimed primarily at professional graphic designers, creative agencies, and design students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Every two months, its editorial team presents outstanding work from the fields of graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, design theory, research, paper, and printing on over 100 pages. When the almost 100-year… learn more

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Aesthetics of Sustainability

Aesthetics of Sustainability is a beautifully crafted book that lives up to the book’s theme of sustainability by using green paper made from algae, for example. It shows the possibilities of using renewable materials in product design and demonstrates through thoughtful graduation projects from ECAL / Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne what good ideas can do for our world. The book Aesthetics of Sustainability summarizes the results of an eponymous research project led by ECAL / Ecole cantonale… learn more

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Arabic Cover Design Archive

The Arabic Cover Design Archive (ACDA) is a regional research project aiming to create a digital archive of Arabic cover designs from roughly the late 30s to mid-90s. The project aims to create a free and accessible resource for everyone. However, the main targets are researchers, students, and design and art practitioners. The project currently has researchers working in Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, and Palestine. The team has also signed a collaboration contract with Libraries in France and Canada that… learn more

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Beyond Design

The publication Beyond Design: Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful  is now available at Slanted Shop. The time has come in which graphic designers are playing an important role in rendering ever more complicated information transparent and understandable for a wider audience. To stress this urgency, Renate Boere dove headfirst in the world of project management lingo, confidentiality statements, copyright, complicated contracts, the search for stakeholders, and grant applications. This… learn more

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„Rack came to me one night before bedtime with no meaning, no sense to me. It just came and used me as a tool and I did my best. Nothing more, nothing less. And here’s the result of my skill and knowledge at this point. I enjoyed working on it and it was really fun designing all the different shapes. Tens of them ended up in trash—too weird, too simple, too complicated, you name it.“ — Designer Jan Charvát Rack is unicase, but consists of two different alphabets, both of them fully Latin-extended… learn more

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The Digital Shift

The Digital Shift is changing the world as we know it. Previously unimaginable technological possibilities are already in motion—or just around the corner. The rise of Artificial Intelligence will create new business models, products, and services. But in order to establish a new global prosperity paradigm, the industry must finally start thinking radically from a human perspective. Artificial Intelligence must become civilized. Artificial Intelligence must complete a transition, to what we call Personal… learn more

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Teasing Typography

We are very excited about today’s release Teasing Typography by graphic designer Juliane Nöst, a book that, with its logical structure and rebellious results, opens up new views of the world of boundary-pushing typography. How does typography behave under extreme conditions? What visual phenomenons, patterns, artifacts, and graphic elements can be provoked by pushing type through extreme grids and using extreme typographic parameters? At what point does a text step back to its original purpose of… learn more

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Werkschau Augsburg 2020/2021

The Werkschau Augsburg 2020/2021 catalog is accompanying the Werkschau 2020/2021. The Werkschau takes place at Zoom on Friday, March 19th. This years catalog is very special edition, which was created in the course „Illustration Project Werkschau“ by communication design students at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. The catalog Gesichter und Geschichten (Faces and Stories) is a farewell and a memory, with portrait illustrations that show the graduates of the Faculty of Design. To be able… learn more

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Call for Entries—Mut zur Wut 2021

The Call for Entries— Mut zur Wut 2021 just startet and you can upload your posters to the international competition’s website until April 30th! Mut zur Wut is back! … And will start this year with its first biennale edition after taking the last year off and will continue to take place every two years from now on. What a crazy last year it has been and as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, our world may seem turbulent and heated. Public discourse is often one-sided and fierce, and… learn more

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Detail in typography

The publication Detail in typography  is now available at  Slanted Shop. An attractive, interesting layout can certainly attract and please the reader; but when the details are not good, reading requires more effort and any pleasure is short-lived. Detail in typography is a concise and close-up view of the subject—letters, words, the line, and the space around the elements—and it discusses what is essential for the legibility of the text. Yet this is more than a guide to correct typography. How is it… learn more

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Pata Slab

Pata Slab was created as a letter-based balm to a very difficult past year, of which it’s safe to say that the mounting parfait of unprecedented events left no one unscathed. Pata Slab is an optimistic typeface that, lacking descenders, is all upside. Pata is a font that’s assertive, funky, and more than a little sexy. All characters grow upward from the baseline. Named after a colloquialism for „feet,“ it features ultra-heavy slabs and contrasting hairline centers that rise from its chunky… learn more

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Colours—Call for Submissions

Now, the Colours—Call for Submissions for the upcoming issue of Slanted Magazine has officially started! Joan Miro said: „I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.“ We are inviting you to submit your work, showing COLOURS. We want to celebrate happiness, joy of life, power and / or symbolism. And meaning of colour. We look for contrast, colourful typography, gradients, fun, chaos, shock. We celebrate art, illustration, fashion, photography—but most of all we look… learn more

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