Alina Holz
Modedesign, Styling

Alina Holz
08/12/2010 (updated )

Alina Holz’s network

Smiles & Coffee Productions Smiles & Coffee Productions
Full Service Photo- and Video Production
Berlin (Germany) 04/11/2013
Krystina Woldanowski Krystina Woldanowski
Oberhausen (Germany) 09/12/2012
Izabela Jonetzki Izabela Jonetzki
Fotografin International
Hamburg (Germany) 06/22/2011
Ivonne Kutzer Ivonne Kutzer
strategie ⎢beratung⎢management
Hamburg (Germany) 06/22/2011
Kristina Willann Kristina Willann
Stylistin, Modedesignerin
Hamburg (Germany) 10/13/2010
LUX die agentur LUX die agentur
Hamburg (Germany) 08/26/2010

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