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Taken from the dasauge® job market: – please refer to dasauge® in your job application.

You can:

  • translate abstract concepts into visuals
  • design styleguides and design with constraints in mind
  • create high fidelity visuals for print, web, mobile and beyond

You have:

  • a strong foundation in design principles and can work across styles
  • worked in iterative cycles and refined designs based on feedback
  • an interest in emerging technologies and enjoy working flexibly in teams

We are:

  • a highly creative team designing holistic experiences in and around the car
  • a transdisciplinary team framing the future of mobility
  • on a future journey – we envision the impossible and empo wer innovation
  • pushing the boundaries of user experiences and progressive digital workflows
  • here to find:

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Qualifications professional experience
Job location 14467 Potsdam (Germany)
Type of job application via email
Job ID 201709-X

Potsdam (Germany)
Contact person Katrin Schirmer

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