How to resolve Norton 360 Encountered Internal Error

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Norton 360 is the trusted antivirus software that works according to your needs and protect your computer. Sometimes Norton 360 displays an internal error and unable to verify the subscription. You can easily fix this issue by downloading and running the “Norton remove and reinstall tool” on your computer. You can also call at Norton 360 support phone number and get the issue fixed or you should follow these steps given below to solve Norton 360 encountered an internal error.

 You need to download the “Norton remove and reinstall tool”
 Now open the downloads window by using Ctrl+J key
 After the double-click to the NRnR icon, license agreement page will open,
 Click to “Agree”
 Then click “Remove and Reinstall” and “continue” or “Remove”
 Now you can reboot your system by clicking “Restart Now”

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