At LogicSpice we believe in providing intelligent and practical web and mobile app solutions, according to the given budget…

  • Founded in 2006
  • Employees 50—99

About Logicspice

Logicspice has been a reliable name in anything and everything that has something to do with the Mobile apps and Internet industry. Firstly, we design compelling websites that each and every person in the Internet community would not resist to click. We also do mobile apps development (iPhone and Android) and web application development based on tried-and-tested subsystems that work with any business class and we also have an expert team providing bespoke or customized software development.

Logicspice is based in India and UK, but has since served satisfied clients from all over the world with its experienced team for iPhone and Android apps development, e-commerce solutions, and other highly complex and customized software solutions.

Logicspice has been making a big difference in software development business since 2006. We do mobile apps development, web application development, hosting, branding, search engine marketing, and a lot more. Our team of professionals is always ready to take on any task that would help boost every kind of business’s stature in the internet savvy digital world.

For the past decade, Logicspice has served varied businesses from different fields. Industry wise, most industries we served are dating and social networking, food/restaurant booking, ecommerce, taxi booking, media and entertainment, ticket booking are the major ones. Our e-commerce efforts are flexible and can easily fit into any kind of business model. That’s how we manage to take on every challenge that unfolds. And that’s how we see surviving this highly competitive arena in many years to come.

We are always up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not in computer technology, clearly believing that the progress can make life easier for businesses to achieve their most profitable goal.

At Logicspice, we do not know what resting on the laurel is all about. We continue working, striving hard to offer the best there is to our valuable customers. Every task that we are asked to do comes out with Logicspice’s brand of quality that is incomparable along with the client’s seal of approval, which means the world to us.

Our Business Philosophy
Logicspice’s workstation is always beaming with bright new ideas. We are dedicated to embrace technology as it unfolds. We have set our minds on an innovative mode. Every time change occurs, we make sure that we are in the thick of things. So we can offer the latest in Internet technology to our clients and give them a good vantage point among the rest.

Logicspice believes that the web business is a complex world. One needs a well-rounded plan to be able to take advantage of the many benefits on offer. However, once you start finding how to tickle the Internet community, you are well on your way of making your business succeed in whatever e-commerce effort that you may take.

That is why Logicspice continue to brew competent e-commerce solutions that tackle each and every aspect of Internet marketing. We never leave out a factor to let no hint of failure creeping in.

Also, Logicspice is powered by a reliable team of skilled professionals who understands how fast-paced this particular world is and has the energy to keep up. Our dependability speaks a lot of our competency in making our promises to our clients come alive. We are the most reliable choice in this industry and beyond.

Our Work Strategy
Logicspice understands the significance of competition in every business venture. That’s mainly because the company is subjected to it itself. The way we deal with competition is translated to how we make our clients win it over the others as well.

Logicspice never stops improving. We never stop thinking out fresh new ideas that could get our client’s goal across. We never stop finding an updated technology that could translate a business’s vision into reality. We know that there is so much room for change, especially in this kind of business. And when change unfolds, we make sure that we are right through it.

It helps a lot that Logicspice is run by open-minded individuals who are amicable to change. The rate of our performance in delivering the results that our clients wanted and needed has so much to do with our willingness to revolutionize even our own concepts whenever it needs be.

Logicspice works closely with its clients. That’s how we know and understand their needs and wants. We have the perfect tools and the most creative team to implement your ideas and even give you a sight of some that have not crossed your mind yet. Simply put, Logicspice has the best solutions to make your business work for you!

Our Approach
Logicspice put the highest value to its clients. That’s why our movement is always geared towards client’s satisfaction. We never rest until we see wide smiles in our client’s face, signaling fulfillment in what we have done to his business.

Logicspice takes its cues from the desires and the requirements of a specific client. We’ll know what we should do as soon as we meet you and have a good assessment of what you want to happen in your business.

Our brand of service is specifically tailored to the kind of client that we are dealing with each time. So you can be sure that the solutions that we provide fit right into your very requirement.

Logicspice is proud to claim high dependability rate. We offer varied services in a courteous and professional manner. We move fast, think forward, and accomplish task the way they should be accomplished. And we put high regard on the amount that you spend for trusting our capabilities.

You see, the efficiency of an Internet marketing campaign cannot be measured on the price that you have to pay. We clearly believe that an e-commerce solution does not have to be expensive to be effective. It’s all in the way the project is handled. That’s what we do best!

Why LogicSpice
There are many reasons for you to trust the brand of work that Logicspice delivers.

One is our credibility. We have been in this industry for more than a decade now and we are shaping up to be the best service provider online and even offline. Our stable of satisfied customers can speak for us. We work towards the ultimate goal of each and every business, making them a name to reckon in this highly competitive world.

Second is our creativity. Logicspice authored some of the brightest ideas ever known. Our minds are working 24/7 and are constantly embracing change as it unfolds. You can be sure that when an update in Internet technology is available, we will implement it to your business’s advantage.

Third is our reliability. We are staffed with competent professionals who certainly know what they are doing. We know what we should do and are good at what we do. You can rely on our efficiency to translate your business goals into reality.

Fourth is our capability. Our bright e-marketing ideas are backed up by advanced technology. We are equipped not just with bright minds but the right tools as well. You can be sure that what we think out is possible with the devices that we have on hand.

Fifth is our adaptability. Logicspice never rest on its laurels. We constantly keep pace, clearly believing that our energy has so much to do with how great our performance could be. We have a whole room for improvement!

If you think those reasons are not amazing enough for you to look the Logicspice way, think again!


At LogicSpice we believe in providing intelligent and practical web and mobile app solutions, according to the given budget, size of operations.
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